Boys and Girls PL Printables – a different look

I feel like I have been ignoring my printables lately, with all the sewing and other projects.  But I had a chat with Laura at the crop and she is all gung-ho on starting Project Life, so it was on my mind this morning.  As I found myself with a bit of time, while the laundry is on the go, I had a think and decided I would try a sort-of printable that is a little different, for me anyway.  I do tend to limit myself to text and colour and simple shapes or grids or fill patterns.  But I had great fun working on the Retro set, and wanted to try something a little more interesting.  I had a look at my go-to place for images, The Graphics Fairy, and found this swirly pretty frame.  I wasn’t as keen on the angled center, so simply added a plain rectangle over it.  Then some quotes – I guess cause my DD was a bit of a girly-girl, loving her pinks and purples, I tend to make ones that would work for her layouts, but I was so NOT a girly-girl, so have a more tomboy set in the back of my head for later.  Just a few quotes I had bookmarked over the years as favourites….


The GIRLY set

To add: I did make the COLOUR alternative spelling version which you can get here.

Then I wanted to make a companion set for BOYS, but most of the frames were just too girly.  I went up and down the collection of frames and finally came back to a pretty early one, a French ribbon frame – it was the most boyish one I could find.


I always dither with quotes – do I add the attribution or not?  I prefer to, but not if I feel it detracts from the design, IYKWIM.  They are easy enough to track down with Google, but for these I felt I could add the info and it would be OK, so I did.

The BOYISH set.

I used my trick to match the colours, by using the eyedropper to select sn area of the design and noting the RGB numbers, then plugging them into my design program.  I struggle to match exactly by eye.

Oops.  and I forgot to add that there is one blank one, so you can use it in either orientation, for journaling!

Also, a word about COLOR/COLOUR – I often make two sets, one with the USA spelling and one with the UK spelling of colour, but I guess I feel that if the origin is American, sticking with the original spelling makes sense.  Not sure how users feel about that – if you are a UK (or European) downloader, does it annoy you to have the American spelling only?  And how do you deal with the 1000s of commercially produced products that are only (usually) available with the American spelling?  Do you cover the word with a printed one? Do you just leave it as is and get annoyed every time you see it? Or do you just accept that’s the way it is and move on?  I’ve always wondered about that, as a person who was born in one country but lives in another.