ATC samples


I am still playing with placement, fonts, etc for my WOYWW ATCs.  I made a few samples. I actually like all of these fonts, and can’t really decide between them


I also wanted to test out the chalkboard-backer to see how I liked it.  I think it ends up being dependant on having a good white pen! I did a more plain text version, as I thought the “handwritten” font would conflict with my OWN handwriting.  I think I may use it.


Now people who make ATCs a LOT can answer a question – on the series idea.  If you say 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.  does that imply that all in the series are EXACTLY the same?  Would they be originals (i.e. 1 of 1) if there were only slight variations, like among these?  I have no idea.  And a question on the backer – do you prefer them to be the EXACT size of the card or slightly smaller?  I made this one slightly smaller, then wanted to make sure I covered the machine stitching so I had to shift it too far to the left for it to be centred. DOH!  So before I print a whole sheet of them I have to decide.  I’m happy to decide to make them slightly smaller, but if I were to share them as a download, it’d be better the know what those who might like them would do!  I guess if I made them exactly to fit, then you can always trim them smaller. so maybe that decision is already made LOL!

Off to a meeting, ho-hum…..

6 thoughts on “ATC samples

  1. I like the backs to be the exact same size as the front… I have a big atc collection and all the ones I’ve ever received in swaps, the backs are the same size as the front. I have two of the 7Gypsies ATC spinners completely full and several binders full… so fun! Your chalkboard back is a great idea. We like our ATC’s sturdy so they aren’t warped from gluing etc. I number similar multiples 1 of 9 but if they are completely different, they are one of one.

  2. As the whole reason for the ATCs is one thing – ie, WOYWW 4 – then I think you would be justified in having it as a single series, So if you have 15 ATCs that all look different, just use 1 of 15, 2 of 15 etc. Consider them as a set – whether they match or are all different, doesn’t matter.

    Ultimately, it’s down to personal preference!

  3. I love your ATC’s and make many for trading myself. I number mine 1 of xx for a the series even if slight variations exist. I only trade originals. And I always keep the last number for myself. Don’t know why on that one, just became a habit. If I made them for a specific swap, I put that information on the back as well. I print my backs out on cardstock and cut them just ever so slightly smaller than the front (like 1/8 inch) so avoid a second trimming. I like the stability that the cardstock gives the ATC after it’s been manhandled during the creative process. I am always curious about how other folks store/display their ATC’s. I just did a big swap and ended up making a special divided box to store the swap. One side has my ATC’s and the other side has the ones I received. I don’t have a blog but you can find me up on pinterest if you are interested in seeing my work I will put a pic of my box up there so you can see what I mean. thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I think your atc’s are great! Very original. For the backing sheet, I prefer it to be ever so slightly smaller than the base card of the atc so that the back does not always need to be covered with something decorative.

  5. Great ATCs Maryanne. Personally I like the green one best. I think that font goes so well with the whole drawing/blueprint style of the fan stamp, and I like green!
    I number my ATC’s 1 of however many I made of that one as they are normally (basically) the same. With yours above, I think they are sufficiently different that if you only make 1 one of each colour/style, I would number them 1 of a series of 3, etc. I’ve sent you an email with attachment and a bit more of an explanation. In the end though, I don’t think there is a right or wrong way.
    Keep up the great sharing on your blog. I love your work!

    • Thanks for both the comment and your longer email! You are very much helping me to negotiate the minefield that is ATC labelling! That is the problem with dabbling….



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