ATC samples

I am still playing with placement, fonts, etc for my WOYWW ATCs.  I made a few samples. I actually like all of these fonts, and can’t really decide between them


I also wanted to test out the chalkboard-backer to see how I liked it.  I think it ends up being dependant on having a good white pen! I did a more plain text version, as I thought the “handwritten” font would conflict with my OWN handwriting.  I think I may use it.


Now people who make ATCs a LOT can answer a question – on the series idea.  If you say 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.  does that imply that all in the series are EXACTLY the same?  Would they be originals (i.e. 1 of 1) if there were only slight variations, like among these?  I have no idea.  And a question on the backer – do you prefer them to be the EXACT size of the card or slightly smaller?  I made this one slightly smaller, then wanted to make sure I covered the machine stitching so I had to shift it too far to the left for it to be centred. DOH!  So before I print a whole sheet of them I have to decide.  I’m happy to decide to make them slightly smaller, but if I were to share them as a download, it’d be better the know what those who might like them would do!  I guess if I made them exactly to fit, then you can always trim them smaller. so maybe that decision is already made LOL!

Off to a meeting, ho-hum…..