WOYWW 203 – a different clock


DH actually liked my Gelli clock.  He finds the ticking comforting. He tweeted it, silly man.  Then he asked me if I would make one with a chili theme for as gift. That’s what’s on my desk today for WOYWW.

I’ve printed the vintage chili pepper image loads of times then coloured it to give it a much brighter, more intense look.


Am I the only one who finds cutting out relaxing?  I’ll bet not!


Now I could use a tip for brushing on Glossy Accents so it looks smooth, without seeing the brush strokes.  I don’t have nearly enough to flood it over all those chilis and I need to do another sheet of them as well, but paint brush or foam brush, the stokes are obvious and it’s not the look I want.


Different sort of clock, one I bought like 5 years ago and never completed, but I think I can make it work – IF I can get the Glossy Accent smooth!  I may bail on it and go with my matte Mod Podge, as that looks better to my eye even if it isn’t shiny.  Or maybe clear embossing?  I have a ton of embossing powder so I may do that in the end.  Have a happy WOYWW!!



25 thoughts on “WOYWW 203 – a different clock

  1. Your clocks are a definite great big WOW!! Love them.
    I’m gutted to have to tell you that I can’t get to the crop as I’m going to Germany to see DD2 and co. If anyone goes to the crop who lives up North (and is driving) and can collect them then we can drive to them to collect. Otherwise hold on to them and we can stop off for that cuppa coffee on route to Brighton and pick them up. I.m off to visit Dolores in Slovenia in a couple of weeks then it’s a quick turnaround for Germany!
    Jo x

  2. I can’t believe I didn’t leave a comment yesterday – sorry!! I love your chilli peppers but don’t envy you the glossing or cutting out! I think I’d probably do clear embossing if you are low on glossy accents, cos it does take quite a lot!! Helen 2

  3. hmm gelli plate, I keep reading about it and have no idea from pictures what its about-thick I know lol
    Bridget #38

  4. another vote for fussy cutting here. Love the clock. tick tock tick tock

  5. great looking desk. Love all the chili peppers. I love to fussy cut too and it is relaxing. I think the clock will be awesome! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing. I forgot it was even Wednesday until 11:50pm CDT! so I am a little late getting around. OMG! Memory issues again. Oh well better late then never. Vickie #145

  6. Love the clock! I did an Andy Skinner workshop where we made a Gothic Clock which is on my wall at work. Looks like the same mechanism and the tick is quite loud (which I actually like!). Have you tried Ice Resin? Must confess that I haven’t but the descriptions I’ve seen appear to meet what you’re after? Sand #134

  7. Just took a look at your last post (clock) it is lovely but I know where your coming from with the ticking lol. Your chilli clock will look great too, think I would also go with the versamark and embossing method.
    Happy Art Making
    Hugs Lottie # 130

  8. Hey cool chilli clock, if you don’t want brush strokes then use self levelling gel, it will seal it but you will have to put on a couple of layers, but it will not have lines LOL

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 102

  9. Fussy cutting…relaxing?! Love the direction you’re going with the clock. I would use clear embossing powder before fussy cutting the chilis. Good luck. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #98

  10. I love cutting out too! Love the idea of the chilli clock and the chilli looks great with the extra boost of colour. I would go with embossing if your card is thick enough and save your Glossy Accents for other projects. The embossing will make the chillis lovely and glossy, just how they should be. Good luck with whatever method you use. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #37

  11. I am with you on the cutting out … Just spent last few hours doing just that!!!
    Clock looks great
    Jackie 15

  12. A chilli clock, great idea, hope you get the glossy stuff to stay smooth! Take care Zo xx 82

  13. COOL idea to do a chili clock! Love your pieces for it. Happy Wednesday! SueC#93

  14. I am not surprised your DH loved your clock it is really an amazing piece of art and I am sure this one will be just as stunning. I am with you on the cutting out I love to do it while watching the TV
    Happy WOYWW and thank you for sharing your desk
    Ria #60

  15. I would go with the embossing powder or a spray varnish?
    Good liuck.
    Karen #64

  16. Yeah, the cutting out does it for me too. Love the chilli theme..I have stamps..
    I would emboss. But only if they’re n a reasonably thick stock..those ends might curl and then the embossing will crack when you force em flat. Oh decisions decisions!

  17. I hate cutting out …makes me stressed so I often hand it over to DD to do….Love the clock idea …such fun. xx58

  18. Your finished Gelli clock from last week looks really great! I love cutting out to. I have been relaxing cutting out loads too this week. Your vintage chili pepper cut outs look great. Jules No48

  19. I would go with embossing if I were you, I never get the glossy Accents quite right unless I flood it and that would take a couple of bottles from the looks of it. Love the finished clock and the ATC by the way.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #17

  20. I love cutting out..sad but true! In fact, in school, I’ll elbow the kids out of the way so I can do it all……only joking….partly!!!! Lol. It’s amazing how many children do not have good cutting skills these days, their parents have obviously never sat them down and let them practise!
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xx

  21. I am SO WITH YOU on the ticking thing…your last post was me to a T! If you have lots of clear embossing powder then use that. I use my Glossy accents straight from the nozzle and you have to put on quite a bit, but you just fill the chilli. Then it pools and leaves a lovely high sheen like a bubble on the object. You need enough so it will self level. Belinda Basson (Bella) #19

  22. loving the new clock – i love the look of chillies, but not the taste!
    i’d skip the glossy accents – matte modge podge every time, i reckon!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week 🙂
    no. 1 – can’t believe it!!

  23. Oh I like them alot better when you made them bolder so much brighter to see your lovely clock hugs Nikki #9 I have some candy too 🙂

  24. Your clock is amazing. I rarely use mod podge, our climate is far too humid.
    Sandra @13

  25. I often fussy cut stamps and find it relaxing also. My daughter thinks I’m nuts! I think I’d try Utee or versamark and a couple of layers of clear embossing powder as it would be smoother and less hassle than glossy accents. Love your clock. Can’t wait to see this one!

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