WOYWW 203 – a different clock

DH actually liked my Gelli clock.  He finds the ticking comforting. He tweeted it, silly man.  Then he asked me if I would make one with a chili theme for as gift. That’s what’s on my desk today for WOYWW.

I’ve printed the vintage chili pepper image loads of times then coloured it to give it a much brighter, more intense look.


Am I the only one who finds cutting out relaxing?  I’ll bet not!


Now I could use a tip for brushing on Glossy Accents so it looks smooth, without seeing the brush strokes.  I don’t have nearly enough to flood it over all those chilis and I need to do another sheet of them as well, but paint brush or foam brush, the stokes are obvious and it’s not the look I want.


Different sort of clock, one I bought like 5 years ago and never completed, but I think I can make it work – IF I can get the Glossy Accent smooth!  I may bail on it and go with my matte Mod Podge, as that looks better to my eye even if it isn’t shiny.  Or maybe clear embossing?  I have a ton of embossing powder so I may do that in the end.  Have a happy WOYWW!!