Gelli clock – improvement!

So after I made my Gelli clock, I installed it in the lounge.  Two immediate problems presented themselves – one, the TICKING, OMG THE TICKING.  It is SO LOUD.  As someone who really, really hates sounds like humming, whistling (especially tunelessly) or any rhythmic, repeated noises, like tapping of feet or jangling of keys, this is driving me INSANE.  No way to fix that.  But problem two, the difficulty in seeing the black hands over the highly patterned face of the clock…that I can fix.

I cut a sort of arrow shape from a spare Gelli print.  This was on fairly heavy card, so slightly rigid, but not too heavy.  I feared the extra weight on the hands might impede their proper working.


I lined the edges with a black pen, just hoping to add some additional contrast.Then I stuck them to the existing hands – temporarily, while I test to check the timekeeping.


I installed them.  The only thing to make sure of is that the second hand clears the minute hand, and the minute hand clears the hour hand – you may need to very slight bend them to make sure of that.


I think you will agree this is going to be FAR EASIER to see, late at night, in a semi-darkened room where the TV and one small lamp are the only lights.


It’s been running for a little while and SO FAR. the clock on the wall and the Gelli clock (and the clock on my Mac) seem to all be in sync.  The hands have made multiple revolutions and they are positioned correctly so they don’t interfere with each other.

I am tempted to replace the clock mechanism with a quieter one, however.  As it stand now I suspect it will have the battery taken out and go in a box.  Shame, as I like the look of it, esp. with the improvement, but honestly I would surely check it before yo go to the trouble to make one to see if the ticking, esp. in a quiet room, will make you crazy.  I keep thinking it will fade into the background but I am now far too aware of the passage of time – and at my age, this is NOT a good thing LOL!