ATC Play

I am re-visiting something I did a while back, using inks and stamps of Tee Shirt Transfer paper, as one of my (many) experiments in preparation for the WOYWW anniversary ATC swap.  I am hoping that whoever ends up above me (or is it below me? DOH!) on the list will not see this, or if they do they will at least know this is only one of the things I am playing with and it is by no means my final design – or, in fact, if I will offer all my experiments as available for swapping.  I just don;t know at this point.  I may make a handful of one design and offer them, I may just make one (I did that last year) as I have been testing out LOADS of ideas, some which ended up in final ATCs, some which were only good for the bin.  In any case it’s still more than a week away so plenty of time to try out one or two more ideas.  But I must say I DO like this one a lot.

Using my all time favourite image from The Graphics Fairy, and gosh, I forget, but I think I DID use her last year too, so if I used her AGAIN, it would become a trend/ritual/habit, which I am not opposed to.  The whole POINT of WOYWW is to look at desks all across the world and see what others are working on.  So the Quirky Lady seems entirely appropriate, given that she is looking across a great distance at SOMETHING interesting.

Anyway, what I did was printed the lady on to Tee shirt Transfer paper.  This version is one where you iron it on flipped, so all text needs to be reversed to read right.  The superimposed image is actually a mask.


I started by smudging my Distress Ink on the background, using the mask to keep the lady white.


With the mask still in place I stamped, with Archival ink, on the background.


It will become clear the photos don’t show my final ATC because I ended up not liking the font I picked for the text.  It was not readable enough in such a small size.

Once I had decorated the whole bit of transfer paper, and I ended up with a piece that was about 2 x 3, so just smaller than an ATC sized card, I ironed it on to the fabric.  I glued THAT to the ATC blank and stitched around the main block.


Because the fabric I was using was very loosely woven, the edges, even with the glue, dis fray a bit,  so it was, as it so often is, Washi Tape to the rescue! I think it finished it off nicely.


I hope you can see the texture of the fabric and the stitching in this photo.


The only thing that I am not totally happy with is THIS tee-shirt transfer paper allowed too much of the fabric colour to show thru.  She has a slightly sickly green complexion, where the  other paper I have, where you peel off the transfer and iron it on, right way round, comes out with true WHITE where I masked.  Not sure if I will try other fabric or not.  White fabric will still show all the inking and stamping while leaving the lady white, so I will have to play around a bit more then decide.

Noted: It seems I never shared my ATC from last year, I left it up to the person I sent it to for the swap to do it, so until I figure out who that was and check HER blog I won’t know.  DOH!