Gelli clock DONE!


I finished up the Tando clock, using Gelli printing, and am really pleased with the results.  I found a nice SVG of a variety of gears that I was able to cut with the Cricut using SCAL. as I THOUGHT I had a gears die and didn’t.  Typical.

I cut them from black card and used the Gelli plate to print on them.  Same basic colours as the clock-face, so I used gold to highlight rather than copper, just cause I think the gold works better with the grassy greens while copper would work better with more verdigris (personal preference, I guess).  I fit almost all of the gears on the plate at once! Just laid over another print so I could press down and got the pattern as a second layer on that.  Two for one!


I’ve been considering adding more gears, maybe mixing in some of the other colours from the rug we have in the room this will live in, but not sure.  All the gears are stuck with Hermafix at the moment, till I live with it for a bit to see if it is too chaotic to be functional (i.e. can the clock be read at a distance, as busy as it is?)


I think it should be OK, but I feel more comfortable living with it for a bit, just to be sure! I think I MIGHT want to paint the hands white or something, although it IS easier to see in real life than it shows in the photo.


It was fun – I would def. do another.

12 thoughts on “Gelli clock DONE!

  1. Magnificent clock- this is a conversation piece that is functional too! Would not have guessed paper for the gears if you hadn’t told! So glad you shared this with the party!

  2. Love your clock! What an amazingly inventive idea!

  3. Love this – it’s a great concept, and a truly awesome finish!

  4. Mary Anne, this looks amazing – so glad I came back to find the finished piece! I must get hold of a clock mechanism and have a go….(one day!)

  5. Marilyn, I’ll email you in case you don’t see this but I imagine it would be super simple to make the basics just using a clock mechanisim which I am 100% sure you could find at Michaels – I know I’ve bought them there before ! Basically all you would need is a chipboard shape with a hole in the middle that allows the post that hold the hands to come from the back to the front! You could have it any shape you want that way. If you wanted the printer’s tray effect you could then stick thin strips to the front in whatever arrangement you like. You would need to decorate each strip, and I would say the red-line (super sticky) double sided tape to stick them over the Gelli prints. If you stick them as longer strips it should be fairly easy to trim them around the edges.

    It is the hole that holds the clock mechanisim onto the back, with a bolt that screws onto it in the front, so pretty basic and perhaps part of the clock kit?

    I know this sort of DIY thing is not to everyone’s taste 🙂 but if you really really wanted to make one without the kit, I think you could do it.


  6. Great prints! Love the clock.
    Joel (aka Barf Snoodlefart) #121

  7. Your are amazing! love this

  8. Love this project. My question is is the Tando clock kits available in the UK only?

    • I don’t think so, but to be honest I’m not sure! Have a Google and I’ll bet you will see a list of distributors on their site. Maybe there is one near wherever you are?



      • I did google the Tando Clock kits and could not find that it is available in the US as of yet. Set fabulous job with the clock and for sharing your creativity.

  9. wow what a fantastic creation you must be pleased with yourself, love the colours too.


  10. What a Great clock, Wonderful and Inspiring, love the colours and detail loads x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #111

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