Tando Gelli clock

I picked up ne of the Tando clock kits from my local crop on Saturday and had the idea that it should be a Gelli plate project. I also picked up a nice little collection of basic paint colours from a local shop – under £8 for the whole set! They are slightly less paint than the little bottles, like Crafter’s Acrylic, but they work fine.


First I painted the surface – I did consider covering the surfaces with Gelli prints but it seemed easier to print from the plate right on the surface. I felt that needed the white base to make the colours show true.


I applied the paint to the plate, then did the usual, to add some interest, and pressed the center square first, so that got a good impression on the biggest solid area…


…then just pressed the thin frame areas to anyplace that had paint.  They were really too thin to show much of a pattern, so I went for colour and interest.

gellitandoclock3 gellitandoclock4

I took the still slightly wet plate and added a nice dollop of thick white paint, and pulled the print on paper.

gellitandoclock5 gellitandoclock6

The stencils were still wet with paint so I pressed THAT onto the print and ran the brayer over the back to get it all to transfer.

gellitandoclock7 gellitandoclock8

I really liked the look of it, so I did similar, adding some yellow to the clock frame, then pulled that print too.

I used these prints to fill the gaps, and I have an idea I will be trying tomorrow to add to it. Here is where I am right NOW, but I’m not done yet….