UKScrappers Spring BlogHop


Hello!  Whether you’ve come here from either the UKScrappers thread or from Suzycad’s blog  or you’ve dropped in on me any other way,  Welcome!  Feel free to take part in the hop, regardless of whether you are a UKS member or not.

I’ve slotted in to fill a gap, so no project from me, but I do have this little set of retro printables for Project Life style albums for you.  The PDF has three pages – this set of 3 x 4 cards, the same set as landscape 4 x 3 cards, with swapped-around backgrounds, and a sheet of mixed orientation with no text on them, so you can add your own.


The retro ladies (and the bunny from the BlogHop badge) are freebies from The Graphics Fairy, a great resource for all sorts of digital images, from retro, like these, to French typography, to vintage and more.  It’s a place that is well worth a visit! There are some that would work with a stampmaker (or indeed even as a digital stamp) for example, or for image transfer projects,  home decor projects, as well as printed to make journaling blocks or embellishments.

The backgrounds are also digital, from Background Labs.  Another fab resource, with the retro patterns just one of many, many choices.  You can use them for creating your own digital scrapbook papers, as backgrounds for ATCs, or maybe printed and punched as little embellishments.

I hope you find them useful!

Now hop on to Jen’s blog here and see what she has to inspire you! When you are done, be sure to pop on to the UKS thread here and leave a reply for a chance to win the random draw of a £25 gift certificate to the UKS sponsor shop of your choice to be drawn tomorrow  from those who have commented TODAY 15th April 2013 on every blog in the hop AND in the UKS thread.  And be on the lookout – some of the BlogHop stations will offer a prize to be drawn from one of THEIR OWN commenters, so take note as you hop along!


74 thoughts on “UKScrappers Spring BlogHop

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  2. Thanks, these are lots of fun, especially the camera one. I’m always forgetting mine. Check out my blog if you get a chance

  3. Fabulous imagery – thanks. Gill x UKS name is Seaside crafter.

  4. Love the printables – they would be great on cards too. I have used images from the Graphics fairy for swaps too.

  5. What cute printables – thank you

  6. Love the printables MA.
    UKS Meggie

  7. Thanks for the printables, love the images. UKS – Scrappyyo

  8. Thanks so much for the lovely retro freebies – and the blog bunny xxx Audrey uks poetcrafty

  9. Thanks for the printables.
    UKS – mumof4girls

  10. A really fresh and different post MA – a great “slot” you’ve really taken as your own. It all sounds very technical, and I wish I had more skills – but I am sure these images will be very well utilised. Thanks for organising the hop – it seems to be very well regarded. Ali (Alibri) x

  11. Lovely freebie printables, thanks for sharing MA 🙂 Kitty Crafts UKS

  12. Great images thanks MA

    UKS Name Fizzydrink

  13. Love the funky retro images!
    (Eileen C)

  14. Fun images, thank you.

  15. great printable! pinned it too! loving this blog hop! so much inspiration… feel simultaneously inadequate yet inspired!!! there is so much amazing work out there! and everyone takes better photos than me lol! thanks for organising, jenx uks wear crafts

  16. Great printables- Thank you!
    Laura Godfrey

  17. These are great MA – amazing how the funky backgrounds go so well with the retro ladies. I have re-bookmarked the Graphics Fairy and added Background labs … though it’s easier to wait for you to make stuff and download it 😉
    It’s been a great hop – thanks for organising it!

  18. The phrases on those printables are so true!

    UKS Tigs

  19. thanks for the printables. They will be finding their way onto my LOs very soon 🙂

    NIKIG (uks)

  20. Love them – and thanks for the link…I might print onto fabric to make a blanket.

    Stacey Scrapred on UKS

  21. Thanks for this, as always your creations are cute and usable


  22. Thanks for the freebies!

  23. Love the retro printables. Thanks for sharing 🙂 (uks Jacqui200284)

  24. Fab printables love the retro style and I’m really interested in project life style albums so the more inspiration to get started the better! Thanks. Sian aka Violaceous 🙂

  25. These are going to be really useful for me. Thank you so much

    Fran (Hedgie)

  26. How super – thank you so much for these.

    Toni xx

  27. Thank you, I was just thinking about adding something like this to a AJ page yesterday, now I have printables 🙂 JoPink

  28. Thanks for the printables…and the blog hop! Hugs Sarah (UKS butterbee)

  29. Thank you for filling in. Love these printables. Love, stillcrafting from UKS xx

  30. Great printables, thanks! – Cassia

  31. Thank you. Love the printables. UKS Tagsie

  32. Thanks for the printables MaryAnne.I am enjoying the blog hop but family are complaining that dinner is late!! UKS…Bubbleblitt

  33. Brilliant freebies!

    Aka elainevking on UKS

  34. thanks MA Great printables – love the blog hop too – cantstopstampin

  35. Love the vintage ladies, thank you so much

    Beanpie11 aka Debbie

  36. love retro thank you for the printables–alibi

  37. great retro images and well done for filling in on short notice. Mary x

    scarymary555 on UKS

  38. thanks for the printables 🙂

    purplybunny (uks)

  39. How kind of you to fill in .. and with such great images and info. Thank you.

  40. Love these and some great new links to get addicted to as well

  41. Thanks for the link, I shall have to go have a good ol’ look through 🙂

  42. Lovely printables MaryAnne, thank you
    Chris55 – UKS

  43. Thes are fab, thanks!

    UKS – Clairewill

  44. those printables are great and really made me smile thanks for sharing them

  45. Super MA – love those quotes…and I’ll have to check out the links….and thank you for sorting out the hop it is packed with inspiration 🙂

  46. Cool beans, thanks Mary Anne


  47. Thanks MaryAnne – both for the printables which I love, and the link for The Graphics Fairy which looks really interesting, and also for organising this blog hop – first one I have ever done and I am loving it!

  48. Love these printables. Thank you for sharing them with us (TinkerHamilton UKS)

  49. Thanks for the printables. Will explore the links. UKS sue1952

  50. Love the retro images and had a good look at The Graphics Fairy – fantastic – thanks for the heads up! And thank you for stepping into the hop.
    UKS name, AllycatD

  51. Thanks for sharing these. Kjjc

  52. That’s a great website – thanks for the link 🙂 UKS – Julesaroony

  53. I love a bit of retro, they are great, thank you. UKS – Sharon1973

  54. very nice printables thank you. (Maria in France on UKS)

  55. Fabulous printables MA!

  56. Thankk you for some great printables

  57. lovely printables and thank you for the links too 🙂
    *here be dragons*

  58. They are great fun, thank you.Tigerlady

  59. fantastic printables 🙂

    Leigh11 xxx

  60. Thank you for the printables, just downloading them xxxx

  61. Thanks for the links and printables
    from Boland 🙂

  62. Thanks for the PL printables 🙂 Just printing them out now. Very handy!
    chrisrydal x

  63. Great, retro printables, thanks for sharing.

  64. thanks for the printables …I love these retro images

    scrappybluecat uks

  65. What lovely printables, thank you. We’re always on the lookout for new images so the link for graphics is very handy.

  66. I love those retro images. Thank you for sharing.

  67. Love these and they have given me a great idea for a CJ I am currently in – thankyou

    UKS lelly

  68. Oh wow!!!!! I’ve fallen behind with the project life photo taking- so these will come in REALLY handy for me. Jen’s post also inspired me to get back into it before there is a huge gap in this years album!

  69. Hee hee! Love these, thanks for sharing 🙂

  70. Thanks for some very useful printables and links, Mary Anne,
    Sue x
    (For some reason the bunny pic isn’t showing up on my screen.)

  71. Thanks for the printables and the link to graphic fairy, will have to check that out.

    For some reason the only a phone call away card makes me think ‘dinner… Only a phone call away’ 🙂

    Wizbit (Liz)

  72. Love the printables. Thank u maryanne

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