Gelli Print Paper Bag Book!


You know me – I love PBBs.  I like coming up with different constructions using them and find them so useful for mini albums.  I had some connectivity and commenting issues yesterday that kept me from my WOYWW hopping, but I am off to rectify that as soon as I post this.  Then a long-time scrapbooking mate is coming for lunch (and she quilts too, so we should have a lot to chat about!) and prep for my local Basingstoke crop to sort out for Saturday – I’ve missed it for about 3 months and I hate that!

So here it is.  I will TRY to explain the construction tomorrow as I think I need to take a few more photos to make sure it’s clear. but I am guessing if you make PBBs you will have  good idea of how this works.

This is the spine with the front cover/back cover


The front of the book


This is the first spread – the main part of the spread has a  flap, covered on both sides with Gelli prints to create a flip-up page, then a bottom flap that creates a pocket, with the bottom of the bag folded over to create another pocket to the right.



The bags are joined by a folded gusset, creating two more pages from the bottom of the bags that fold to create the side pocket (clear as mud? LOL!)



The book uses four standard lunch bag sized bags, joined in two groups, so the middle spread is the back of the first group and the front of the second group, creating a full size page.

gellipbb3 And because I didn’t want a pocket on the inside back cover, I just covered that page fully.

See what I mean?  It’s easy and complicated at the same time.


The spine gussets extend past the edge of the bags, creating the joins, allowing the pages to really open and standing up it has this almost star-book effect.


It has LOADS of space for adding …. stuff.  I grabbed a few tags from my stash of work and here you can see them in the various holding areas:


Counting up, there are:

  • 4 full size pockets where the bags usually open
  • 9 full size pages (not counting the pages under the bottom pockets)
  • 3 bottom pockets (with pages behind)
  • 4 lined side pockets
  • 4 bottom-of-the-bag pages

All in all I used 25 pulled prints, some cut in a way that allowed me to use them in more than one place.  How’s that for using up prints!?

I’ll try very hard to get organized enough to give some more guidance on how to construct it.  And then I get to fill it!  Now that is the fun part.  I have an idea……



11 thoughts on “Gelli Print Paper Bag Book!

  1. You’re good a making those! I have a short attention span! Happy WOYWW!

  2. I also am a paper bag mini fanatic; and though I’ve not made one using this style, i’p to trying it! At least watching the prep while my castes arm continues to heal. In the meantime, I’ll just make more gelli prints, to add to the stack I already have, lol!
    BTW, your book is wonderful!

  3. Wow that’s amazing and I have a stack of paperbags upstairs that could do with using up, my niece asked the other day what she could do with all her gelli prints – mmmm now you’ve got me thinking!

  4. Your minis are always fantastic and I’m LOVING all the gelli prints!

  5. OMG this is amazing, I so love your gelli paper pages and the book is incredible.


  6. Thank you for visiting me yesterday. Sorry I didn’t get over to your place until today. My first episode with bronchitis is proving to be quite the battle. lol! Your work is beautiful. The colors are so vivid and I absolutely love them all but the blue one is definitely a favorite. WOW! SueC#98

  7. Stunningly beautiful! I LOVE it!

  8. Thanks please would you explain how the spine gusset is attached…and what it is made of ! Ta

    • I’ll hope to do step by steps but the short answer is that it is an 8 x 5 3/4 piece of cardstock (more or less 1/2 an A4 sheet) scored at 3, 4 and 5 inches then folded to have two large “wings”. The wings get attached to the back of the bag bottoms (that fold to make the pockets between bags 1 and 2) or between the body of the bags (for bags 2 and 3) with the gelli prints covering them. Hard to explain in words without the photos so check back tomorrow and with luck I’ll manage to post it – there is also a bit of an odd opening and re-creasing and snipping that needs to be done 🙂


      Mary Anne

  9. Awesome!!! Very inspiring. Thank you so much for shaing.

  10. Your PBB is superb and it has now rocked the boat for me. I have been dithering over getting a Gelli Plate and now you’ve REALLY made me want one big time!
    Jo x

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