WOYWW 201 – paint!


Do stop by Julia‘s Place if you don’t know what WOYWW is all about. Can you believe the 4th anniversary in nearly here? I am working on a bit of a project and have created quite a mess.


Lots and lots of Gelli prints, all very experimental, but a few I really like.


I really need to go get some more paper, I have a Drs. appt. this morning, and need to re-stock the bare cupboards.  So a busy, but not a very exciting WOYWW day for me.  I hope to get inky and messy later today!



33 thoughts on “WOYWW 201 – paint!

  1. Lovely Gelli Prints. You have definitely been busy, especially if you have to restock bare shelves! #152

  2. Hi Maryann,
    I – am – im – pressed!
    These Gelli plate prints are wonderful in this post and the ones either side. Wow! The colours are gorgeous and the stencilled designs remarkably clear. I must get weaving on this – oh dear, the pan pastels are grabbing my attention too.
    Thanks for sharing this post and the following one of the book.
    Ros. #99

  3. Oh wow, loving all your gelli plate prints! I really must play with mine more. 😀

    Ali #79

  4. Your Gelli pages are amazing I so love the gelli plate, sadly I haven’t had much time to use mine, hopefully in the next few days.

    Belated Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 46

  5. I’m still not entirely sure as what exactly a Gelli plate is!! But I like the effects you get with it….is it an easy thing to use? If it ain’t easy, I don’t do it these days…tut tut LLJ, lazy mare that I am 🙂

  6. You have been putting that Gelli to good use–wonderful backgrounds! Once you start, it’s hard to stop!
    #142 this week

  7. I want to come over and play at your house. lol! Designs look great. SueC#98

  8. I need to learn how to use gelli plates! I am trying to visit everyone! jenx 129

  9. i finally ‘get’ gelli plates. watched barbara on craft tv. now i understand your love of them.
    caroline (akillimelek #69)

  10. I’ve forgotten what I was going to say now, coz its all deleted! anyway! the paints look fab, I usually scan them into my computer to, them I get ‘flat’ versions of them!

    Have a great crafty Week!! HaPPy WoYwW!
    agh!! It wants a pass word again! I’ve realised now why they don’t always work as I appear to have a different password for each different blog! not just one password and of course I can’t remember them all…. so I will fool it and change the email! (hehehehe wicked laugh!)

    ((Lyn)) #24

  11. Love all the prints. I haven’t given in to the Gelli Plate craze yet but looks like it won’t be long till I will be saving up to buy one! Love the color distribution! Sorry I have been absent the past couple weeks but life has taken its toll! Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Vickie #58

  12. oooh oooh. Are you coming to the crop? Is it something you can demo or too messy? I’d love to see what you actually do with it. Cindy

  13. Really? The cupboards are bare? …..

    Must get me a gelli plate!! See you soon, Cindy #63

  14. Looks like messy fun! Boo to shopping unless its for lovely stash.

  15. I love your gelli prints. I’ve never heard of them until today. I’m seeing so may creative workspaces today! Kathi #109

  16. I need a gelli plate!
    Love the picture frame.
    Karen #74

  17. you are having such fun with your gelli plates, aren’t you? are you going to make the pages into an art journal?
    hope all went well at the docs…
    happy WOYWW and have a great week 🙂
    no. 4

  18. What a fun variety of prints! I hope everything goes well at the doctors:) Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #93

  19. I have a big stash of ‘experimental’ gelatine prints too, they’re wonderful to cut up and use details on cards/art journal pages or work on it some more with other materials. You have some gorgeous pages laying around! Happy woyww and hug from Holland, Marit #82

  20. Lots of gorgeous prints, love this x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #73

  21. Those gelli prints look really great. We’re hoping our gelli plate comes later this month so we can have a play. Waving hi from the bears @#79 this week.

  22. I’ve not come across Gelli plates till today but loving the effects I’m seeing and your pages all look so scrummy. I think a bit of shopping may be happening soon!


  23. Good morning, Mary Anne. You look to be having great fun woth your gelli plates – love some of those colours. Happy Wednesday :o)
    Sue x (miniOwner@44)

  24. You have been busy! Love those gelli prints they look like great fun and you’ve created some gorgeous backgrounds, love the purple leafy one at the back. Have a happy WOYWW MMx #67

  25. Looks like we have been doing the same this week
    Gelli plates !!!!! Hope dr goes ok
    Jackie 3

  26. Oh I see you are really digging into these gelli prints – I am hoping to buy the gelli plate at Ally Pally if any of the stalls will have them! Hope your Dr. app. goes well! I am in England this weekend looking forward to meeting a few WOYWWers – also we will soon meet at the crop!
    Lots of hugs.

  27. Ohmygoodness!! Look at all those fabulous sheets!!! I’ve never done this before, but it seems like everyone is doing it right now. LOVE the finished look of them – bravo!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #32

  28. I do wish Gelli plates didn’t look such fun… lol! Hope you get your chores done quick so you can continue to play….. Have a great week. Helen, 8

  29. I am trying to avoid the Gelli print fun, but that is not too hard as they are not in our shops yet…just on everyone’s blogs!

  30. I love the look of the gelli plates…beginning to think I NEED them as opposed to WANT them!
    Happy WOYWW. Pam#23

  31. Love gelli printing!!
    Happy wednesday 😉

    Hugs Marleen #1

  32. These prints look very inviting to use!bet you had fun!

  33. Happy WOYWW
    Love the look of your gelli prints, is it easy to do, I have this on my to buy list….
    My cupboards are nearly bare, they aren’t really but the kids think so lol, meaning they have no snacks to eat… Got to do the big grocery shop tomorrow oh what fun Not….
    Have a great day and I hope your not coming down with anything yucky….

    Maria in Oz

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