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Making a frame with Gelli prints and debris!

I pull SO many prints when I am having a play with the plate.  Since I am rubbish at art journaling (it’s not the process, it’s making the time to sit and contemplate and do) it’s always a challenge to actually MAKE something with them.  I’ve done the couple of books (with no idea what they will actually be used for) and the bird, but as I sat at my desk, strewn with prints, I had an idea.   In the right sidebar you can see the foam core bi-fold frame.  It’s been a while since I use foam-core, and I came across a scrap  while I was tidying last week so I though I could make a covered frame with some of the rubbish.

First, I was looking at one of the embossed strips I made to lift off the paint in a trellis sort of pattern.  I had used it A LOT so it was LOADED with colour.  And heck, I can always make another in seconds so that was going to be the covering.  So pretty!


I cut the scrap of foam core to 6 x 6 – perfect for the 6 x 6 plate.  I poked holes, defining a 4 x 4 window in the middle and cut out the window with a craft knife.

gelliframe gelliframe2

The edges of the foam core were a bit ragged, as I couldn’t lay my hands on my big, sharp box-cutter knife so I looked at my desk again and saw a stack of deli-paper prints.  The paper is 8×10 and the plate 6×6 so there are wide bare edges on all of them.  Cutting them off, I could use the bits, with a bit of Mod Podge, to cover the raw edges.  Messy is good, as it gives it a nice texture.


I painted the inside and the outside edges with some gold paint.


I cut the texture plate paper into 1 inch strips.  I had just enough for the four front faces of the frame!


You can see there at the top one of the lollipop flowers I made from rough cut circles of a couple of other prints.


I made the leaves by punching a circle then offsetting that circle in the punch to get a leaf shape. (My punch! mine, mine, mine!  LOL!)


I dragged the leaves through a blob of the gold paint just to give them some glitz.

I stuck the strips to the front, layered on the flowers…


…then lined the back f the frame with black cardstock.  I used the piece I cut from the middle to make a stand to attach to the back of the cardstock, then added a photo inside.


Next time I might take the time to mitre the corners rather than overlap them, but I don’t actually mind it this way.  And I used my Gelli prints for something.  Result!

Now I have another idea I am playing with, although it remains to be seen if the end result will be useful.  I know what I want to do, and how I want to do it, it’s just what I will DO WITH IT when I get done.  {sigh}