Vintage printables for Project Life


I have been so busy with real life blogging has taken a bit of a backseat. But I had a need for some printables so I knocked these out this morning.  As I had made them, it seemed silly not to share them.  I know they may not be to everyone’s taste. but I like them (well, I would then, wouldn’t I?)


The PDF is here. All the images are from The Graphics Fairy.  They all are in the Steampunk category.  I’m still on the fence as to whether I prefer the camera with the shadow or not.  I cleaned up the compass to delete the shadow, and know I prefer that, but the camera I waffled back and forth with.  In the end I left it, but I’m STILL waffling! I do like the stark contrast and the woodgrain, although I am also considering doing them on more of an “old paper” background, or perhaps more my usual style, matt colour.  Do feel free to comment if you’d like them in some other way – I’m thinking it will be easy to convert them so am happy to have a bash at it.

I’ve had a bit of an idea for my Gelli prints too that I want to play with.  We’ll see if I can make it work and find the time!  Two very real considerations….


4 thoughts on “Vintage printables for Project Life

  1. These are really cute…tfs…

  2. You are a very talented lady. Thanks for sharing your projects with us. They are very inspiring to me. I didn’t know what Gelli Printing was before seeing your video. It lead me to investigate and now I need to avoid delving into another craft! The possibilities are truly endless with art and you are generous to share your art with us!

  3. I like them 🙂 what image transfer method did you use?

    • They aren’t image transfer – they are digitally created using the graphics from The Graphics Fairy and a combo of Photoshop (to edit the images) and a program called Intaglio (Mac only)


      Mary Anne

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