Project Life cards? Using the gelli plate?!

This is a strange one.  While I originally designed the idea for project life cards, I think it would work for journal pages or other art just as well.

I started by designing some days-of-the-week words in Scal.  I sized them to fit a 4 x 3 card, but obviously they could be bigger.  I was able to weld the words into a contiguous block, which I imagine you can do on the Cricut but I don’t know for sure.  I NEVER use the few carts I have, so pipe up if you know how to do it!

I attached the word to the cardstock, so right way round, rather than attaching it to the PLATE, wrong way round.

gelliwords2 gelliwords

Load up the plate as you like and print on the card. On the white card the word wasn’t super obvious so I had a go on black card.




…but a little pen detail brings it out a bit better! They don’t call me Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand for nothing LOL!


I had another bash with white card.  This time I printed on the white card entirely, then layered on the word and printed again.

gelliwords6 gelliwords7

Then I tried a charcoal pencil.  Smudgier than I would like, but again, the PRINCIPLE is a good one, despite my execution.  I think a Pitt pen or Sharpie would perhaps be better.


Coolest of all is the ghost of the word, in the proper orientation, left on the plate – pulling a clean-up print from that would give you a nice journal page.  I just did white but you could do white over the word and more colour elsewhere.


Now you could do this maybe with stickers instead, if you don’t fancy the designing/welding/cutting step.  Stick them to the PAPER, not the plate, and pull your print then peel off the stickers. I Think it would work, but haven’t tried it.  If you cut the words from Tyvek you could reuse them, I suspect.

Now I know this isn’t what PL is all about,  it’s meant to be quick and easy, and making individual filler cards isn’t really quick, but I do like the look of it and the concept of doing the process to add words.  YMMV.  But maybe it will spark you off. Be sure to share what you do with me.  I’d love to see your version!