WOYWW 200 – nearly done


WOYWW 200 – amazing!

Well, I am still working on hand-sewing the binding of the playmat quilt but am nearly done.  I am trying a butted binding rather than a mitred one, so that is new for me.  And in the end I decided it was less the light that was my problem and more my aging eyes, so I ended up buying these.


Amazingly, they really do help, so long as I am focused on the sewing about a foot away!  If I look up, I am in a blurry, hazy world.  But I am confident I will finish this up today! I like how the centre turned out, although I sort of wish I had done the frame in black.  I thought the yellow would be light and bright but I think the black might have really set it off.


I had a small scrap of the smiling sunflower fabric so I used my Grand Calibur and some Nestie circles to cut out a few and appliquéd them on with a little blanket stitch.  Appliqué is NOT my forte!


There yo have it – just the top and bottom edge to do – YAY!


I think it turned out quite sweet.  Hope someone likes it!

Happy WOYWW 200, y’all!

43 thoughts on “WOYWW 200 – nearly done

  1. It’s amazing MA – what a labour of love – now it’s a work of art! Brilliant!!!!

  2. Thank you for visiting me this week! SueC#94

  3. G’day Mary Anne
    Its only my second week doing WOYWW. I’m late as I have had two huge busy days and just had no time to get to the computer. As well as when Julia posts the WOYWW post I am at work and its already in the evening here on Wednesday by then LOL. Anyway I love your quilt…well done!
    Annette In Oz #74

  4. I wasn’t expecting to find a sewing project when I landed here today! Your quilt is so bright and cheerful, I don’t think there is any doubt that somebody will love it.

  5. Its beautiful and colorful. Just what little ones need! Great Job!

  6. Hi MA
    you were up early this morning … well done on being no. 1
    the glasses thing comes to us all in the end… my handyman still insists on using a hand held magnifying glass he’s in denia lhe he.
    well done on the quilt not only will some little one like it they will love it and smile as well…. great job… good luck on finishing the ATCs
    janet #27

  7. Love your playmat/quilt, love the little flowers face! Still haven’t cut stuff for sewing yet with my BigShot, not sure it would! although I’ve cut tin and plastic. Have a great crafty week! HaPPy WoYw!! ((Lyn)) #52

  8. I love quilts and learning to make them is on my crafting ‘to do list’ this is already long enough for 2 lifetimes! LOL…thanks for sharing your WOYWW entry!
    Debbie-DayLee’s Creative Doodling #140

  9. Beautiful quilt and I like the yellow – love the word ‘smile’ too. It’s amazing what our dies and die-cutting machines can be used for – I’m so impressed that you were able to cut fabric circles with the GC. I’ve long past the stage/age when those glasses would do, and that blurry hazy world is the reason I have varifocals 🙂 Hope you’ve had a good day. Elizabeth x #95

  10. It’s really lovely. I am struggling to get one done. sigh Happy WOYWW Anne x #50

  11. I did smile, thank you! Love how bright and colourful it is, it’ll really make someone’s day.

    Brenda 87

  12. What a beautiful quilt, so bright and cheerful. And then there are the glasses…wow, quite a shocker that they actually work..LOL…I discovered them in my 40’s, and now as I age the number keeps getting bigger…but if they work!! 🙂 Have a beautiful crafty day!

  13. Hey #1-
    My first time visiting and I hope you will feel welcome at my place.
    Love your colors.
    My glasses cost more than my first car! and they are worth it- trifocals- blended!
    Robyn 126

  14. magnifique quel beau travail

  15. The applique is beautiful and the layout is great. I love borders!

  16. What a super playmat, the colours are strong which is just right for developing eyes not the pastels we usually go for!

  17. I have really enjoyed reading your blog today and browsing though some of the earlier posts. The quilt is beautiful. I am not at all into sewing, but we do have quite a few common interests. Last night I had my first play with a gelli mat, and this week I have been converting images to png files, (See my post today and the previous one). I am making a Project Life album, all digitally, which is teaching me a lot about using A.Photoshop, another new skill, so your filler cards were interesting. There’s nothing wrong with pie charts as far as I’m concerned but then I did used to be a maths teacher! I haven’t thought of putting one in my PL though.
    Have a good week. Kate x #41

  18. The quilt is coming along great. I think I like the spot of yellow. You need that alternate pop of color. Nice! Creative Blessings! Kelly #103

  19. wow what an awesome blankie! I wish someone had made me something that special..great work

  20. It’s simply stunning!!! Very bright and I love the little appliqued flowers. Bravo!!

    And no, getting older isn’t for sissies!!!

  21. Of course someone is going to LOVE it, the colors are so lovely and cheerful! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #86

  22. I love it Mary Ann. It’s so bright and pretty, I can’t help but smile. Happy Wednesday!

  23. I am completely sewing challenged but love the bright cheerfulness of this quilt. I really liked the apliqued circles too.


  24. What a lovely quilt! So colorful and interesting! Whoever will get will be smiling! Eh glasses! I am deciding to go for a proper eye check up and get those very much needed new glasses!
    Thank you for sharing! Just 2 months now and we meet at the crop! YIPEEE!!
    Lots of hugs,

  25. Wow, that quilt is lovely, so bright and cheery. Waving hi from the bears @#69 this week.

  26. Its a Gorgeous quilt, makes you smile, with the beautiful colours and design x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #71

  27. This is absolutely beautiful. Congrats on first place.
    Carol.x #47 -I think

  28. It’s very sweet and FABULOUS! AM also a bit happy that the new glasses were a so blaming the poor light for everything!!
    I’ve changed your ink but be warned, Chrome is not loading WordPress at all well this morning; it’s taken me about 10 minutes to get into this page..argh! Why don’t they just grow up and shake hands?!!

  29. Wow that is really lovely, I cant quilt to save my life
    Bridget #47

  30. Beautiful quilt and who ever gets it will love it that’s a certain. You are so tallented.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 41

  31. Wow you have so many talents Mary Ann !!!
    The wilt is lovely I wish I could make one, maybe a plan for the future!
    Jackie 8

  32. Wow…. That quilt is my absolute favourite so far….I love it :). I am a fellow appliqué hater btw!!
    I have to wear reading glasses over my contact lenses these days, especially at band 🙂 sigh……
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

  33. oh my days just look at that beautiful quilt/play mat, it still makes me smile when I look at it. Such lovely colours and a great design
    Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
    Ria #33

  34. well I like it and it made me smile too!! Have a gorgeous day. Well done on getting top spot! Helen, 4

  35. welcome to the tired old eyes readers club…your quilt is absolutely stunning…Happy WOYWW…hugs kath (23) xxx

  36. I do! (like it)! And love the gelli bird in a previous post. Happy WOYWW! Nan #19

  37. I think it’s fabulous! It definitely makes me smile! 🙂

  38. Welcome to the reading glasses club! I’m blind without mine these days, couldn’t craft without them any more, lol. Your quilt is looking lovely! (And yes, I figured out how to solve my commenting problem) 🙂

  39. You are so talented, I don’t know how you do it all!

  40. Think you did a terrific job and I like the yellow. I think the black would have been too strong.
    I am amazed how fast you work and still have time to blog about it.

  41. That is fabulous!! I like the yellow – it makes it look cheerful. Love the flower!!! really cute!!!

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