WOYWW 200 – nearly done

WOYWW 200 – amazing!

Well, I am still working on hand-sewing the binding of the playmat quilt but am nearly done.  I am trying a butted binding rather than a mitred one, so that is new for me.  And in the end I decided it was less the light that was my problem and more my aging eyes, so I ended up buying these.


Amazingly, they really do help, so long as I am focused on the sewing about a foot away!  If I look up, I am in a blurry, hazy world.  But I am confident I will finish this up today! I like how the centre turned out, although I sort of wish I had done the frame in black.  I thought the yellow would be light and bright but I think the black might have really set it off.


I had a small scrap of the smiling sunflower fabric so I used my Grand Calibur and some Nestie circles to cut out a few and appliquéd them on with a little blanket stitch.  Appliqué is NOT my forte!


There yo have it – just the top and bottom edge to do – YAY!


I think it turned out quite sweet.  Hope someone likes it!

Happy WOYWW 200, y’all!