Pattern printables (editable PNGs) for Project Life

We are seeing the first glimmer of Spring here.  Finally.

I have been playing around with PNGs over the last week or so.  I’ve had a few comments from people saying they would like the printables as PNGs so they can change colours easily. So that is what I did.

There are a couple of things – first, .PNGs that come as B&W or Brown & white.  I figure that might be the sort of overall change people might make. Then a trio of PDFs, B&W, Brown, and a Spring coloured B&W one.  But it is dead easy to just select whatever you want and colour it, so if you don’t like my colours, just do ones you DO like.

B&WspringThey are just meant to be colourful filler cards, but they would work equally as well printed on coloured card or Kraft card if you don’t fancy editing the PNGs. Not tried printing on patterned paper so unsure how well the printer ink might cover.

I’ve not done this in the past so if you see any problems LMK.  I did notice a slight artifact, very thin grey lines over the checkerboard, and similar lines dividing the small diamond grid, but it doesn’t affect the printing (or it didn’t when I printed it) so hopefully you won’t have any troubles with it.

In addition you should be able to cale the size up for 4×6 cards, although some of the patterns, in that size, might be almost TOO in your face.  I may have to play around with them a bit more.

Let me try to be organized:


  1. PDF to print
  2. PNG to edit


  1. PDF to print
  2. PNG to edit