Life of Pi{e} printables for Project Life

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I note, via an email blast, that pie charts are trending.  Having said that, the following quotes probably bear remembering:

Piecharts are defeat in circular form.

Piecharts are the information visualization equivalent of a roofing hammer to the frontal lobe.

[Piecharts] have no place in the world of grownups, and occupy the same semiotic space as short pants, a runny nose, and chocolate smeared on one’s face. They are as professional as a pair of assless chaps. Anyone who suggests their use should be instinctively slapped.

Having said THAT, I still find I might be inclined to use them in my PL book – they ARE simplistic, true, but they can also convey info quickly, especially when the info is light-hearted or used to make a visual joke (a bit like those joke maps of the male/female brain)

I hunted the net for a suitable image and found this one that I really liked the look of.  Reading the T&Cs I think I am on the right side of them, so I am going to share this.  My idea is to use the basic printable then add my own section titles to personalize it.  I am thinking Dymo strips perhaps, or stamped words.

Two BIG ones, both orientations, and one small one so I could get it all on a single sheet PDF.


Obviously the title is a play on the book (and now movie) Life of Pi.  Hope you find them useful.

I am having some Mac issues, hence my lack of blogging.  As I am pretty sure the temporary fix is not going to last forever, I am busy researching alternative programs to replace the old (sometimes VERY old) ones I use very day, in preparation for moving to the newest Mac OS.  I think the time has come to finally kill my romance with AppleWorks. It’s been an old friend for a very long time.  But DH assures me OmniGraffle (which I think I used at some point when we were both on NeXtstep but have forgotten all I ever know about it) and Sketch will do what I want graphcs-wise.   He ALSO is convinced that replacing the behemoth on my desk with an as powerful Mac-Mini is the way to go.  Only time will tell. I do know my ears ring after years of sitting at my desk listening to the fan whir, so maybe if a new machine whirrs with a different cycle/frequency that may improve.  All very boring, I’m sure, but I really HATE new computers and losing old programs that I can use in my sleep, then taking weeks and weeks to learn something new.

Still working on finishing up a few quilting projects, but looking forward to getting back to paper stuff when I have.  Little bits and bobs to sort out (finishing off binding one and finishing off the QAYG one which got bigger when I found I actually had 7 of the 8 squares needed to add a row top and bottom to take it from a play mat size to more a real quilt size, making more modules for a freeform one that I have not shared at all, and making bags for the three for-sure LillyBo charity ones are all on my list!) I am visualizing one in my head that I am DYING to actually make but am having a crisis of confidence as it will be a mammoth effort  with many potential pitfalls along the way.

Looking forward to a little down time with the family over the Easter weekend as well….

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you found something interesting and welcome your feedback. If you ask a question, and don't add your email, do either subscribe to replies or check back. I try to answer every question if I can. Cheers!

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