Quick Printables

I am still trying to get the last tying done on the small quilt.  I got sidetracked by a meeting yesterday that took longer than I hoped.  Now I am stuck in awaiting a delivery so I figured I might as well do a little set.  Some of the fonts I used seem to interact oddly with either my printer or the PDF creator.  Not sure.  Usually when I create or open a PDF it’s lightning fast. With this one, the fonts on the bottom two cards S L O W L Y load and it seems to take a moment to print.  On the crochet one, it seems to put the graphic differently to how I have placed it – and different places when I print the original file and when I print the PDF.  Not sure what that is all about!

Grab it if it suits your needs and comment with any feedback on how it prints! Four cards, all sewing/needlework related.