Finally, PL for February

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I’ve basically had this done, with the exception of the blog-strip, and although there is one thing I want to add, I figured I might as well share it. Those photos of DS on TwitchTV are pretty dark, certainly in this shot, so I may end up tweaking them to lighten them and re-print.  What are you seeing? Weather stats for February, DD doing her Gelli plate play, a spur of the moment just-off-the-bus thing, what I’m watching and reading, what is compelling me on You Tube, a shot of my LillyBo quilt in progress, DD and her little puppet (for a performing arts thing at school) and a funny story about how she interacts with it, and the previously mentioned TwitchTV screen capture.


What I like about using my OWN printables is I can easily tweak them – I changed the size as well as some of the words.

I also did my what did I blog strips, and took the month strip from the month-cards and re-sized it to fit. What I want to add is a strip to back this sheet with a list of blogs I visited. Cause I know even if I bookmark them I will forget.


Right now I need to tidy up all the fabric scraps that are ALL over the floor.  And I am hot on the trail of an idea, but time is short. As ever….


One thought on “Finally, PL for February

  1. Wow! did I miss something whilst I was in Brighton? I commented on your fab quilt but I had no idea it was for the LillyBo project. Woo hoo! TYTYTY! Another star to the super stitchers. I look forward to seeing it for real now….
    love Jo x

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