Seeing is printables for Project Life


I started a discussion on UKS about motifs you are sick of seeing.  Mixed response (some people love butterflies, some are heartily sick of them being plunked down everywhere!) but interesting that a few people mentioned the same things that are appealing to them at the moment.  Based on a post a couple of weeks back about designing your own stamps, I had created a sheet of images that I wanted to have made in to stamps – a few of the motifs turned up on the list in the discussion – glasses and lamps and lightbulbs.  Funny to me how it happens that a lot of people key in on a motif seemingly at the same time.  Anyway, I figured I’d have a bash at a printable set.  Now the lamps I’ve seen seem to be of the fluted shade variety.  As a Mac person, I prefer the Luxo Jr. style lamp (we even still have a working anglepoise iMac in da house) so that is what I used.  For glasses, I prefer the old 50 style horn rimmed glasses to the Harry Potter style round ones, but I’ve done both.  I was looking for a good cat’s eye glasses motif but so far am not finding exactly what I want.  That may come.

I’ve gone for pretty pale backgrounds in a mix of boy/girl/generic colours.  Not every one is in every colour (or indeed in every orientation and only 3 x 4 size) but hopefully they are useful to someone!

I still have my quilt binding to do, and even before I started sewing it on I’ve identified a potential problem with the join (which will be obvious once you see what I have in mind) but luckily I’ve also identified a possible solution that I think is going to work quite well if I need to do it.  We shall see – it could all go horribly wrong still! But if it works I think I am going like it a lot.  So I haven’t cut the printables to photograph them, but I think you get the idea!


Have fun with them.  Comment if you fancy a brighter set and I may do one!

3 thoughts on “Seeing is printables for Project Life

  1. The way ‘everyone’ seems to suddenly like the same motifs makes me wonder if we’re all just bits in a huge assembly we can’t see. Star Trek comes to mind: mind melds and assimilation by the Borg.

  2. sublime merci c est super beau

  3. Thanks so much for these, I love them 🙂

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