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Jumping back to quilting – something from nothing?

After I completed the quilt top (maybe I’ll be able to show the completed quilt tomorrow!) I sat looking at my depressingly large, yet colourful and bright, pile of scraps.  I did SAY my life was over run with scraps of all kinds, didn’t I? Here’s the proof!



It is possibly hard to tell, but lots of those scraps are actually pretty darn small.


In Googling, based on a half-remembered memory, I find these are called “crumbs” – the little leaving from the whole. Think toast and you will get it. Going back to Quiltville, where I found the string piecing info that lead me to the construction of the quilt top, I found a tutorial for a crumb quilt.  Just the ticket, and hence the something from nothing tag – normally I would probably have thrown anything under about 4 x 4 inches in the bin.  I didn’t.  Instead, I got these:


That is 10 (yes TEN) 6×6 squares, just from the leavings.  You can see the inner area uses the smallest of scraps, with the outer area uses more the longer strips. I tried not the think too hard about the placement although I aimed not to use too many  of the more vintage/country-style prints in any block, and every block began with a 2×2 square of the smiley flower fabric.  Where possible I tried to make sure at least ONE of the flower faces ended up on show in the final block, even if it didn’t end up in the centre.  The blocks grow somewhat organically, as you add crumbs and strips, sewing off at angles and along straight edges. Here are a couple alone.


and here you can see the cheerful little flower face.


I worked on five blocks at a time, adding the first few rounds to each square, one after another, in a chain.  I cut the chain thread, trimmed the excess from the seam (creating yet MORE crumbs)  pressed them, then added another edge.  Once they got to a reasonable size, I could lay the 6 x 6 template over it to check the placement and see if I only needed say one strip to finish it off or if, in fact, the block was done.

So that is a total SCORE! from my POV.  If I get one quilt from the big scraps and cut-into fat quarters, then a whole other quilt from the crumbs, with maybe a small amount of whole-fabric added for the sashing, it will be outstanding.  I am undecided if the new book I got will help me overcome my limited skills and do the word play border for the crumb one without having to buy material – cause I already had to buy backing flannel and fabric that I hope is going to end up a totally cool border for the striped one.

Now, this weekend is all about DD – DH has other commitments so she and I will spend the weekend (except her Challengers outing time) doing girly things together.  Have to miss crop AGAIN, but hey ho – she already has loads of plans for us.   Read an article on Love Bombing in the Sunday times (link is not to that article but another one by the book author) last week or the week before, and really wondered if the concept would work with her, given her handicap and difficulties with language/understanding.  So  we’ll see how she does – I’m not planning on TELLING her she is in charge, which could lead to her asking to hop on a plane to Euro Disney, but I AM going to let her drive, and try very hard not to say NO to anything.  It’ll be interesting – and a great start to my March PL pages.  Reminder: must finish off February’s pages tomorrow while she is out!