Gelli Masking

I decided to take one of Julie Balzer’s Getting Started With… classes for the Gelli plate.  I felt like I was getting interesting prints with simple layers but her description said something about “getting exactly what you want” from the plate, rather than a random magic effect that is a complete unknown every time, so that seemed worth it.  The last two classes, on multiple masking and layering, were particularly interesting.  And I was keen to have a go.  Clearly I am not getting it, because I still felt like I couldn’t predict exactly what I was going to get, but I did feel like I had a better idea of how they layers were going to interact.

The first thing I did was create and cut a few masks.  I did them on the Cricut.


Then I played around with simple masking, and some stencils, stamps, etc.  The first is the plain yellow layer, just with some paint “removal” things…



And for the next layer I masked the circle and used one of my stamps on the outer area.  I love it but wish I would have stopped there.


I really should have done something to the red grid layer because I feel  it is a little too overpowering.  It’s not HORRIBLE, it’s just not what I wanted.


But the layer I pulled with a deeper yellow (like you can do with thick white paint – really any other colour seems to work, it doesn’t HAVE to be white) was nifty. That is all just the debris on the plate, from not cleaning it between layers.


So I tried a few more things and in the end made this little piece for my DH.  HE will know what it refers to, and maybe think back to a suggestion for a scrapbook page he made this morning, but then again he may not.

It’s mostly prints, with a bit of collage from scraps, failures, and masks added to it.  a bit of stamping and there you go. I’m actually quite pleased with it, but now feel I need to go back to the lessons to see if I can solidify in my head the order – I am all for the “magic,” like DD said, but sometimes I really DO want to know what I am going to get when I pull.


I am also anxious for a delivery of what I HOPE is going to be deli paper.  After seeing Julie use it, I love that you can see thru it to place things exactly.   It took me a while to find some that was reasonably priced!  Whatever you do, if you are looking for it, do NOT order from!  The price is ok (about £11, I think) but the SHIPPING is £30+ as it ships from the USA .  Most of the UK suppliers to actual deli’s are ALSO pretty steep (and you have to buy a case of it, so like 12 packs of 1000 sheets) but I found a place that has a single box for under £15.  It remains to be seen if what I get is a) what I EXPECT and b) what I WANT. I’ll let you know.


Project Life style freebies – Magic!

A funny thing happened and because I am trying to do a PL style book, I managed to capture it.  Woo Hoo! For once, grabbing the camera was at the forefront of my mind, and not just an afterthought or a regret – Oh!  I should have...

Yesterday, the chaos of my Gelli Plate play was still on my desk.  DD came home from school and I was showing her what I had made.  She seemed interested so I said Want to have a go? and she said YES.  Was a time when artsy crafty things really appealed to her but nowadays it is all pop music and teen dream stars so I was a little surprised.  anyway, we sat down, I showed her how it worked and them let her pick the colours, the tools, etc.  She did one print and amazingly, asked if she could do another. I was quick to say yes and as we laid on the paper to pull the print she said …and this is when the magic happens! I laughed but it occurred to me that was the perfect quote to use for my PL photos.  So I quickly made up a little printable.  As ever, I made them for me, but if you find them useful, you can grab the PDF here.

They look like this:

magic1 magic2

She was so proud of her prints she was quick to share them with her dad when he came home from work.   I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to do more of them.  I hope so – I miss sharing crafting time with my kids.


Aren’t they fab? I love this pink and yellow one – better than some of MINE, TBH!  You can see just off to the right, how her hand is clenched – that is her usual posture, due to her right-hemi CP, but she managed all but the brayering stage pretty much on her own.  I think she has a real eye for colour and pattern.

hergelli2 hergelli1

Happy Friday!


iPlay coffee filter book – with Gelli prints

This much fun should be illegal LOL!

I have had such a fun time playing with printing.  I dragged out my stack o’ coffee filters the other day and tried out Gelli printing on them.  It worked very well – I like to soft matte finish and the texture and the way the paint adheres sort of patchy sometimes.  That works great with the “spritz spray ink all over” technique that I saw on the Gelli Arts blog.   But I did a few more interesting things.

First, I had a go at making a roller stamp.  I was a bit worried that the rolling action over the Gelli plate would deposit paint or not LIFT paint so well.  It kinda does happen like that, but as Gelli printing isn’t really a precise art, which is what I love about it, it doesn’t matter!

I made the stamp from an old block (the kids no longer play with them so why not?) and some sticky backed fun foam cut with dies. Oh, and you can see one of my plays with the Use Your Words class ideas (cutting up your letter stencils – more on that at the end.)



I think I have seen hammering in nails to make the roller part but I just pounded in some old push pins as we have no place to use them in this house.



Here is one of the “pages” printed on the coffee filter.  I love the effect!



Here is one printed on paper – less keen on it as the pale pink is just too dull.  But you can see the pattern a bit better here.  All I did was apply the paint to the plate and roll over the stamp roller to remove it.

rollerstamp3  Nifty, humm?  another thing I had a go at was some cardboard.  I peeled off the paper then sanded it a bit to make the ridges crisper and get rid of any shreds left from the peeling. I did leave some areas solid for contrast, but the piece is big enough I can avoid those areas if I want to.


Interesting effect, I think.  Light pressure and two colours almost make it plaid. I added some dots over it.


And when I pulled a print with white over all the leftover gunge on the plate I got this – love it. I have to say, when I see people cleaning off their plates between sessions (at ALL?) I just think You are missing a great print there…. This come from JUST WHITE PAINT over a dirty plate.


Just a couple more pages – this one uses one of the stencils I cut (the wonky pink bars) from report covers on the Cricut:


and this one uses a long-ago made fun foam circle stamp with Pearl daubber on it, stamped  over the print..


The final book looks like this:


Now, about Use Your Words – I have to confess I don’t own a stencil-letter stencil, so I cut mine on the Cricut out of heavy cardstock and cut those up.  Nice as I can cut more than one of the letters I need more than one of, which I prefer to buying multiple stencils.  Cheap, me.   They work fine, as you can see.  They are over a Gelli print from my play last week, in colours that didn’t really go with the other ones I made so I set it aside and grabbed it today to test the lettering on.


Now, my poor desk is in such a state.  You are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in the photos, trust me.  It’s really, REALLY bad.  I have a date with some hot soapy water, Marigolds, and my filthy stencils, stamps, and brushes….


WOYWW 193 – typical mess

I had a bit of an epic technology fail yesterday.  I was trying to post the card you can see there at the back, with my first Stampotique NEW stamp in AGES to the SDC Challenge and my browser crashed.  When I restarted it, and restored the pages, it went ahead and posted it to the Mr Linky before I could edit to add the number of the Challenge after my name.  Annoying, as it means they will delete it and I won’t go in to the draw.  Not that that matters, as in all the times I’ve done it I’ve never once won the draw for free stamps.  I DO get picked as one of the Designer’s favourites with some regularity, which is nice, but free stamps, especially stamps I LOVE, is much better LOL!


What is on my desk is basically a lot of the stuff from yesterday, including the found unmounted stamps from a grab bag 10 years or more ago (actually, if I think about it, it would have had to have been more like 15 years ago!) and some of the Gelli Plate play debris as well.  Not much has changed since I took the photo, so as is very common, the mess on my desk is probably what I will be addressing today – look at the state of my Gelli Plate!  DOH.  How depressing. I’d much rather play….

Hope your WOYWW day is more fun and a lot more crafty!  Can’t wait to see what YOU are up to….


SDC86 – Red, Pink and white

Well I am getting lax in doing the Stampotique Designers Challenge lately. But I finally got a new stamp so I figured I’d better follow the tenets of Use Every Stamp, a free class I am taking from My Creative Classroom, and ink the darn thing.  So I did.  This is the Valentines Day card I made.  But there is so much more to how I got here than just that!


You can see it has a sort of Waterfall card structure, but nothing attached to it – or at least not the usual three or four squares.  I just wanted the stamped figure on it so I simply attached that to the lowest scored area and left the other ones as simply folds.

When you pull, the greeting is exposed.  Because the figure is attached with foam pads, it does sort of “lift” off the surface a bit more, even if it doesn’t rise up the card, IYKWIM:


The background is using one of my Gelli Prints – using red, pink and white, obviously!  That inspiration came from Carolyn and her Gelli Party posts.


But how did this all begin? This morning, I was looking for a box for the paints that are on my desk – I just wanted something to put them in so I could move them off my desk quickly while I did something for the challenge, then put them all back out so I could do the last few pages for the Gelli Print mini I was working on, rather than storing them in their usual home.  I spied a box on the shelf and dragged it out.  Buried under a load of rubbish inside was a surprise – a bunch of unmounted text stamps that I got in some grab bag or another at least 10 years ago!


I had to assume that if I hadn’t mounted them, I must not have fancied them at the time.  Would I fancy them NOW? The first thing I did was ink them to see what they said.  There were only two that I knew I wanted to use and an idea bloomed.


You can see the propeller lifting up the figure – that required a mask and stamp positioner.

What about the other, you ask?  Well, when you open the card…


and eagle-eyed readers can see the other stamp!


In one card  managed to include the majority of the things that I have going on at the moment.  A rare thing, because I am aware my blog is a bit schizophrenic at the moment – I seem to jump from organizing, stamping and cardmaking, Project Life, both scrapping and printable creating, Gelli plate play, and more.  Keep me from getting bored, I guess, but not sure if never knowing what to expect when you visit is a good thing or a bad thing! Now I have to take a WOYWW photo while the light is good then decide where my mojo is heading for the afternoon!  At the moment I have NO IDEA …..


Gelli plate – book from prints

I’ve seen a couple of books made from Gelli Art plate prints and was keen to collect my play samples into something that was usable.  You may have seen me moan about getting the 6 x 6 inch plate – stupidly I wasn’t sure I would like it, and instead a LOVE it but find the 6 x 6 size harder to make something usable with.  What I did was cut down A4 size paper  by folding it in half (so just under 6 inches) then trimming to 6 inches, giving me four 6 x nearly 6 inch sides.  That worked pretty well, because I was able to print on each side with the piece still folded, and get the print covering nearly all of the page, without over printing on another page, IYKWIM. I wasn’t much bothered about covering 100% of the page and actually liked some of the bare edges, where I could add Distress Ink or spray ink – cosmic Shimmer is really nice with the matte paint!

I have a whole stack of prints.  Here are some of them:



In the close up of the page on the right you can see the Pearl Daubber I used thru a stencil.  Love that.


Most of my prints rely heavily on my own stamps and texture plates and the stencils I cut last week from the report covers with my Cricut.


I hated this page below to begin with but it’s amazing how just adding layer on layer can help turn something you hate into something you really like.


Really liking the foam stamp/texture plate on the green side below.  I NEED MORE FUN FOAM!  I would have gotten some today but it’s snowing AGAIN and I needed to get to the grocery store and back before it got too bad to get up the drive.


Liking the clean-your-plate print on the left above, especially the pick-up of the pearl dots from the previous print. and I really like the thick grungy layer of paint around the edges!


So now I have to research Coptic binding – and get some waxed thread.  I’ve heard you can use dental floss but that may leave the book smelling minty fresh! I’ve no beeswax but wonder if running the thread around a candle will do in a pinch, and if I should amass another 10 or so pages before binding – I actually have a couple of 4-side-folds that are not all four printed on,  so I may just put it off a bit and practice Coptic stitching on some scratch paper signatures. But I am doing Carolyn Dube’s Use Your Words freebie class and this might be a great little book for that.  We shall see….


Project Life addition – film strip pages

Missed out yesterday.  Hate that.

Anyway I am still doing my oddball Project Life album and was considering how I might add something of interest to it.  I am ALWAYS stumbling on things when I am tidying up and more often than not it seems to be the thing I find is just the thing I didn’t even know I needed LOL!

I have a whole binder full of plastic sleeves that are meant to house negative strips – remember them?  from way back before you could print your own photos at home? I think I bought a ton of them so I could get the negatives all in a binder but then the whole digital thing happened and they became mostly useless.  It’s been at least 5 or 6 years since I had a roll of film developed.


Anyway, I was considering the idea of adding something that was based on my blogging.  More just a little trigger of what I was doing in my crafty life that week.  I was determined that the main body of the PL book would have photos of PEOPLE or EVENTS and not just various shots of my DESK, because the whole POINT of this exercise was to take more photos. But I didn’t want to ignore that aspect either.

Here is what I did.  This is working on the leftover from the actual sleeve so ignore the sizing.

First, I cut the sleeve down.  Mine has one slot, then a long strip, as you can see above. I cut just about 1/2 inch from the start of the long section. I cut away the little extra layer so the 1/2 section was just the back of the sleeve, if that makes sense.


The top AND bottom of the long strip is open, and I needed to both seal the opening on one side, and give myself a strip for the holes. That was accomplished by wrapping Washi tape around the top.


Then it was just a matter of taking one of the regular sleeves and lining up the holes then punching thru the Washi tape.


That let me add the smaller page to my album, like so:


I have it set up so I can add one strip per week – five month weeks I may cut them bigger.

You can do similar by rotating the sleeve and adding more like photo booth strips, using the 1/2 inch at the bottom of the sleeve to punch the holes.  At least MY sleeves have that strip – and you can see it in the top shot – maybe yours will too!

For making the film strip I just found a nice image of a film strip – this one is a .png so transparent and easy to layer your photos under the edges of the strip itself. I had to fiddle with it a bit to make it the 1.5 x 6 inch size, and not take up too much of the frames, but now I have it I can keep using it every month. Not sure if a whole row of the film strips might look odd, so I may alternate or even do film strips top and bottom and larger photos in the middle two sections. So many ideas to try!

I see no reason this couldn’t work in a true PL album.  It’s just a matter of figuring ut how to cut the sleeve to the right size.  I Think it is ALSO totally possible to attach the negative sleeve to the SIDE of the normal page protector either by sewing or with clear document tape so you could have a sort of flip out effect rather than a smaller page in the ring binder. something I am sure I will experiment with a bit more.


Stencil DAY grids for Project Life albums

A freebie on Friday.  I’ve been so wrapped up in making stencils and Gelli play I’ve neglected my printables.  As usual, I made this set for myself but I always share!

Very simple – 3 x 4 grids with stencilled days of the week words.


It’s hard to see in the overall shot but the letters have a very thin outline to define them a bit better – maybe you can see it here better?


I may make them in the landscape orientation and if I do, will add them, but as my PL album is all portrait orientation that is how I tend to make them!  It’s very easy to scale them to the 2.5 x 3.5 size for ME, but rotating the layers takes more time.

One PDF, with all the days of the week plus a THIS WEEK card.

(Note: somehow I managed to size Sunday smaller in the first version but have corrected it.  Make sure the PDF you download is called daysgridboth.pdf!)


Gelli plate prints and making your own stencils


As you may have seen I had a play the other day with making some stamps/texture plates for my Gelli plate using sticky backed fun foam.  I thought I would share some of the results of my play with them and a few things I learned.

First, I have this plate from 10 Second Studio – it’s a grid, and I love the effect it gives on the Gelli plate:

10ssplate 10ssplusmystamp

The grid comes out so crisp I just love it. For the next one, I used a ghost print effect – ie I applied the paint, pulled the print, then applied white paint over the more or less dried paint on the plate then pulled that.  I love that technique.  I think I saw it done first by Carolyn Dube. This is a great video! ALL her videos on Gelli printing are fab.


For this one, instead of brayering on the paint, I sponged it on with a sea sponge.  That idea was one I had, but I subsequently found it done before in a VERY LONG (but most excellent) video by ASpriteMetamorphosis.  This is a great starter video. At almost 2 hours you will need to make time to watch it.


Layered up with one of my stamps, and a commercial stencil.


Again, loving the ghost print!


Two of my favourite prints are these next two. This one is with a cheap stencil flourish over that last ghost print and sponging


This one is lots of layers, using that white-paint-over-dirty-plate technique.  I actually pressed the 10SS grid onto one of my foam stamps (you can see the one just under the green print above!) and stamped it – loved how that transferred.  I would def. take that to other stamping, not just Gelli printing.


Now, stencil cutting:

I cut a stencil on my Cricut.  I had a bit of a hunt, and I found people doing this using paper, then adding Mod Podge to the paper, or using vinyl, but I guess I thought vinyl might be expensive, and of course I don’t have any.  I’ve also seen videos for cutting similar sort of mediums (I think they were plastic dividers of some kind) with a craft knife or one of those hot pen cutters but frankly that is just too much work.  What I DID have was those report covers I used for my Stamp reorg.  And it worked a treat.  Yes the stencil is thin (hence the ability to cut it with the Cricut) but it works after you get a few layers of paint on it, it stiffens up.

You can design simple shapes using SCAL but I tend to use my program (Mac only) Intaglio then save the file as an .svg and open it in SCAL to cut.  Here is one design:


I only have the Baby Bug (only 6″ wide mat) and the 6″ Gelli plate and that was a HUGE mistake.  I should have gotten the 8×11 one right off the bat.  DOH! So my stencil fits within a 6 x 6 inch block.  The first one I tried to cut, the folder material scooted as the blade shot over to the right.  A small bit of masking tape solves that and on MY Cricut did NOT affect the movement of the mat as it was cutting.  YMMV.


Just the normal process, apply paint, lay on stencil, pull, remove stencil pull.


These are the two prints:


Yeah, Carolyn rarely cleans her plate (and I’m with her on that) and I like it because of the layered transfer prints you get.  That bit of red is a holdover from a print yesterday and I think it adds an interesting element.  Interesting, too, that the two people I’ve linked to could not be more different.  Carolyn rarely cleans, Christy has very good instruction for keeping your plate pristine.  They both do fabulous prints from virtually opposite ends of the cleanliness spectrum.

I printed another using a chevron pattern, in green over the ghost-on-the-plate from the ovals, then did the white-paint-transfer thing and got this!  Lurve it.


I am curious — is there any benefit to me putting the .svg files for the stencils I designed up on some download service?  They can obviously be scaled up to fit a bigger machine, and I was able to “break apart” the elements in SCAL for editing, but they are not so outstandingly innovative (certainly not the chevron – seen 100 versions of that) or even difficult that you couldn’t make your own and then cut them using the basic shapes in SCAL.  I HAVE tried creating the patterns in Photoshop but when I do I can never open the SAVE AS > .svg files in SCAL.  And with the Intaglio creations I HAVE to use the SHAPES (although I seem to recal I can use text as long as I CONVERT TO SHAPE before saving as the .svg.  Anyway, the point is I say it’s easy to do it yourself, but in reality it may not be.  And I have NO IDEA if the .svg files will open in any other cutting machine software or in MTC or indeed in any other version of SCAL! Comment and LMK what you think.  I have lots of ideas for other ones I want to try.

Gosh this is totally addictive.  Curse you Gelli, you are the  arty equivalent of crack!


WOYWW 192 – so clean!

I am nearly done.  Yesterday I spent some time labelling stuff.  My theory is that just SEEING the labels will remind me of stuff hidden away in drawers. That’s the theory anyway!


It’s shocking the amount of STUFF I have. I got all my cardmaking supplies in one section – that red bin you see has all my cards, nicely organized my “event” and WITH ENVELOPES.  I never had trouble finding the cards but I was forever hunting for the right envelope.


I was able to consolidate almost all of my “arty” supplies on one shelf – all except my gilding flakes and Pan Pastels.


My desk, was pretty clean, for a very short time, then I started cutting some bits of sticky-backed foam and making texture plates/stamps for what I hope is going to be a fun day playing with my Gelli plate!

woyww193c  I have to get them all stuck down and then I can just get messy with paint.  I would have finished yesterday but DDs bus driver (driving a new, longer bus) got the darn thing stuck in some mud just off the driveway.  It took an hour and a half and an emergency call to DHs pub-mate and his son, to shift it.  Hence the totally different colour-cast to this photo, taken late in the day!


Pop round Julia’s place to see what all this WOYWW lark is about. And I’ll see you at yours.