WOYWW 195 – nearly there…


What the heck is going on?

I m getting lots of error messages when I try to visit blogs of people who commented on my  post (always the first pass on a WOYWW day!) and the Mr Linky has disappeared from Julia’s.  I’ve tried three browsers so pretty sure it must be Blogger and not ME (for a change) Let’s see if it corrects itself…or is that being optimistic?

Well the quilt is progressing.  I had hoped to be able to show the completed top but alas, quilt math has done me in.

Here is the status shot:


Keeping in mind I was only using scraps, and working with what I had, I came up with the central block then ran out of the op-art fabric.  I did the border, then decided to do a sort of chevron of scraps either side, like so.


What I WANTED was to make the whole border a bit of a sunburst, and thought I could make it work.  Nope.  I sewed on the two sides, then looked at it and realized I couldn’t do what I wanted.  I ripped off one side, because I thought I could reverse it and get it the way I wanted, but, of course, reversing it would only work had I done both sides the same – and clearly I didn’t, I did one both sets angled in to the middle.  I did a bit of Googling and found what I saw in my head, done by someone else.  Wish I had seen it before doing the 2nd side. DOH!

So today I am …. adjusting.  I’m planning just straight strips to fill the gap in the border, and thinking maybe a dotty binding. It’s a sort of QAYG method I saw on some blog or another, where you make the top, quilting it as you go, but then add the backing at the end and do very simple quilting (like around the blocks) to bring it all together.  Not sure if I am a fan pf QAYG, to be honest.  In some ways you have to be more precise than with the standard constructions, but so for it seems to be working out.  We’ll see how it goes when it’s quilting time.

And since I am not sharing my DESK, I’ll show a wider shot of the floor.  Helen (H) would be so proud LOL! Honestly, the house is OVER RUN with books as well as scraps.  Considering, there is not a room that doesn’t have, at the very east, a STACK of books, and more likely a bookSHELF full to overflowing.  It may be time for a cull.


So, happy WOYWW, and see you round at yours.  Dr. first, then shopping then a lovely long desk hop!

33 thoughts on “WOYWW 195 – nearly there…

  1. Wow! WhT an amazing quilt! gorgeous!

  2. you are just too talented for your own good LOL! I love the quilt! Also I watched your gelli plate video with the homemade tools and it was awesome, I have to make a geliten plate, I have a box of Knox from when I did geliten prints years ago, I thi k I will do that before investing in a gelli plate to see if it is something I would really use a lot. How is the plate holding up? Does it really feel like a geliten plate? I love the results you are getting with it! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #134

  3. Patience !!! you obviously have it by the bucket load lol. It is very frustrating when you can see ‘it’ in your head but can’t always make it happen. Love your quilt, beautiful fabrics, it will be stunning and you still have plenty of floor space left to fill 🙂
    Happy art making
    Hugs Lottie *160

  4. Hey it is growing, excellent creation.

    Happy WOYWW

  5. Love the one side…hope you sort out how to fix it to match what you see in your head…It is making my poor concussed brain hurt to think you have to do Math to make your quilt! It must be worth it though cuz it looks great so far…Nice and colourful and quirky!

  6. What a wonderful quilt, love ALL the colors and I like the pattern you have, even though it isn’t your sunburst.
    Krisha #32

  7. Your quilt is so bright and colorful!!! Love it. And I had to laugh when I seen your floor… it’s as bad as mine!!! Anyway, looking forward to your finished quilt. Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #114

  8. Oh – I’m glad to see another craft room that looks a bit like mine – how is it the work surfaces fill up so quickly, leaving you no option but to use the floor!? That will be a great quilt when you get it all sorted and worth all the effort.
    Bernice #71

  9. Wow! your quilt is just stunning! It will certainly be a treasured keepsake!
    love jo … in haste ,in Brighton!

  10. Your quilt is beautiful, you are so clever, I am not showing you my floor!
    Carol.x #59

  11. I wish I had that much floor to see. Most of mine is covered with the overflow from my tidy up on the shelves. The floor is the next job for me to get done. Your quilt is really coming on well and it eventual recipient will treasure it, I know. Have a good week getting it all together. xx Maggie #15

  12. Oh my! I’m glad I’m not the only one who spreads across the floor LOL!

    Your quilt is looking fab, such lovely colours.

    Happy Wednesday! Susi #73

  13. You are so inspirational! I can’t believe you did all that in one day (along with the usual activities of life with a family). I love the bright colours!

  14. WOW! What a complicated quilt you have got up too! Looks beautiful – all the colors I like but to be honest I could never do it! I am still building up the courage to do the simplest of quilts possible so this is high tec for me! Thank you for sharing – really love it!

  15. Gorgeous and unique quilt design – its super x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #85

  16. loving the quilt as I can about sew a button on I am impressed! Thanks for sharing Tracy#72

  17. My goodness you really are o n a mission!! I’ve been watching your storage escapades for weeks and now you are going to start on the books! I am afraid I have been rather ruthless with mine the last few years – I am getting out of the mindset of just ‘having’ them. It’s hard though because I am a natural hoarder. Although I haven’t made one for 20 years I do have a great fondness for quilts as this is what my mum does periodically with all her scraps and they always contain remnants from years ago that you had forgotten about. Aah. memories!! The quilt looks lovely and yay I have learnt another acronym or whatever it’s called. QAYG. Could catch on.

  18. Youare loving it really – you couldn’t possibly just make a quilt like I have from HUGE pieces that don’t realy qualify as scraps…you gotta get the technical involved! It looks really great, so vivid. A cull of books. I understand and say ‘good luck’ with that; I did one last year and found it more painful than stash culling to be honest.
    Are you cropping Saturday?

  19. Still looks like you are having fun there though! I love sewing – keeps my brain cells working I think!

  20. Oh wow! That is my favourite quilt so far! Bright and zingy and off the wall 🙂 I have no idea what a Quag quilt is, shall have to investigate, but your choice of scraps is awesome!! I shall have to mark out a space on the floor next to Helen’s when you come to the Crop 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xxxx

  21. Oh I am, I am!! Good luck with your quilt, and the book cull (something I can’t do… I will not, ever show my books on WOYWW…. !) Thanks for making me feel normal with my floor…. Happy Helen, 8

  22. your quilt is looking fantastic so bright and colourful I think the pattern you are working with is amazing such a challenge. Well done for sticking with it I take my hat off to you for all the hard work involoved
    Happy WOYWW hope you have a great day
    Ria #48

  23. What a fantastic effort to make it all from scraps and get it to look so fantastic. Love the different colors and patterns.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy 🙂 #5

  24. great looking work in progress. I love how bright and colorful it looks. Can’t wait to see it done. My husband has started saying I am a hoarder and I need to purge…threatened to call that show for an intervention!!! Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #39

  25. Love your beautiful bright quilt and your floor looks a lot of fun!! Happy WOW day. Jill x

  26. Happy WOYWW. You can see more of your floor than I can mine at the moment. I pulled out loads of empty boxes out of a corner in my craft room to get at the box of gems, which I had stupidly put at the bottom, and haven’t sorted it all out yet. Hubby keeps coming in and making comments, which make me want to tidy up even more – but then the bank manager changes his appointment at the last minute or the builders/electrician/plumber/kitchen designer needs me – and then my craft room tidying (and the huge pile of ironing!) get delayed. Ali x #24

  27. Hullo there,
    At last able to WOYWW again …Some lovely work going on here, just adore the quilt had look at the other link too!
    Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #21

  28. Your quilt is coming along a treat and the colors are lovel
    It will not be long till its all done your sound a great job
    Jackie 13

  29. This box really didn’t want to let me leave a comment – but we had a little ‘refresh’ fight and I won *lol*
    Your quilt is breath-taking! Seriously… it is so beautiful. Personally, I’d have chosen the chevron rather than a sunburst effect anyway – it just looks so amazing.
    Have a wonderful WOYWW!
    Best wishes from Bubbles

  30. Love the colors you are using, so bright and cheerful. And I feel right at home, your floor and mine are a close match!! I’m sorting scrap paper but have other stacks pending of lace and embellishments. Happy WOYWW Enjoy

  31. The quilt is coming along a treat and I do know the feeling of what you have in your head and what it turns out like in the end. But your quilt is beautiful.
    Sandra @12

  32. Funky patterns in your quit it’s so kewl looking can’t wait to see it done 🙂 hugs Nikki #9

  33. Oh I do love your floor! Looks just like mine (both in the basement stamp area AND the attic sewing area!). Your quilt is very pretty, so at least you are being most productive. Thanks for sharing, and hope you will post a picture when you are all finished.

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