WOYWW 195 – nearly there…

What the heck is going on?

I m getting lots of error messages when I try to visit blogs of people who commented on my  post (always the first pass on a WOYWW day!) and the Mr Linky has disappeared from Julia’s.  I’ve tried three browsers so pretty sure it must be Blogger and not ME (for a change) Let’s see if it corrects itself…or is that being optimistic?

Well the quilt is progressing.  I had hoped to be able to show the completed top but alas, quilt math has done me in.

Here is the status shot:


Keeping in mind I was only using scraps, and working with what I had, I came up with the central block then ran out of the op-art fabric.  I did the border, then decided to do a sort of chevron of scraps either side, like so.


What I WANTED was to make the whole border a bit of a sunburst, and thought I could make it work.  Nope.  I sewed on the two sides, then looked at it and realized I couldn’t do what I wanted.  I ripped off one side, because I thought I could reverse it and get it the way I wanted, but, of course, reversing it would only work had I done both sides the same – and clearly I didn’t, I did one both sets angled in to the middle.  I did a bit of Googling and found what I saw in my head, done by someone else.  Wish I had seen it before doing the 2nd side. DOH!

So today I am …. adjusting.  I’m planning just straight strips to fill the gap in the border, and thinking maybe a dotty binding. It’s a sort of QAYG method I saw on some blog or another, where you make the top, quilting it as you go, but then add the backing at the end and do very simple quilting (like around the blocks) to bring it all together.  Not sure if I am a fan pf QAYG, to be honest.  In some ways you have to be more precise than with the standard constructions, but so for it seems to be working out.  We’ll see how it goes when it’s quilting time.

And since I am not sharing my DESK, I’ll show a wider shot of the floor.  Helen (H) would be so proud LOL! Honestly, the house is OVER RUN with books as well as scraps.  Considering, there is not a room that doesn’t have, at the very east, a STACK of books, and more likely a bookSHELF full to overflowing.  It may be time for a cull.


So, happy WOYWW, and see you round at yours.  Dr. first, then shopping then a lovely long desk hop!