My life is over run with scraps!


Scraps of a different kind today, more for WOYWW tomorrow.


This is the floor next to my little sewing corner – literally.  It’s a two-tiered computer desk, with the sewing machine on the top self, where you would usually put the monitor.  I’m not QUITE sewing at eye level, but it sure saves my back from hunching over the machine.  You can see the pile of scraps (such an odd selection) that will, hopefully, turn into something fun and funky and warm and cuddly.  But that is what has absorbed me today – I was determined NOT to rush out and buy a load of fabric, to produce yet MORE scraps, so the whole thing has been a real exercise in something I totally dread … QUILT MATH.  Argh.  Is there anything worse?  Cooking math I can totally do, halving or quadrupling recipes on the fly, but fabric cutting and the general precision needed for most quilts, scares me.  Luckily I went back to just about the first quilt I ever looked at and thought Humm…intentionally wonky? only a minimum of precision needed? and I can use scraps and strips?  Oh yeah! and did that.  I have a cunning plan to use up the scraps from THIS quilt too ….. Stay tuned 🙂

2 thoughts on “My life is over run with scraps!

  1. I can relate to the difficulty with scraps of fabric, paper, and so on. So glad to see I am not alone in having tubs of this stuff!

  2. Well there HAS to be some part of the preparation and experimentation of craft that you don’t like…but it being this makes me smile! No doubt whatever you do with these colourful scraps will be fab.

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