Working on my February Project Life spread (and limited appeal printables)


My current obsession is spying on my DS via TwitchTV.  TwitchTV is a video game broadcasting site that lets gamers watch other gamers’ live game streams and recorded replay. DS plays a game called League of Legends and participates in various online tournaments, most of which are broadcast on Twitch.  He also has his own channel, where he streams games he plays solo.  He sent us the link at some point so we could watch him play a big tournament, so it isn’t like I read his emails to find it.  It was freely offered.  The interesting thing is that I can watch his stream any time he is broadcasting.  I did a screen grab last time – you can see him down in a window in the corner:


He doesn’t really KNOW when I am watching him (unless I initiate a Skype chat myself, which we have done) which is interesting from my POV as I get a pretty uncensored look at his interaction with his mates.  Often, there will be a number of the players from his team all on a Skype chat call as well, so I hear him, and them, chatting. This gave me the idea for a printable – now, as I say, it is of limited appeal.  You may not want a big staring eyeball (from The Graphics Fairy), or a fly, in your PL book, but I am quite happy to have them in mine! And they perfectly capture what I am trying to say.


I’ve sized a set for my 2.5 x 3.5 sleeves, but this download has the standard 3 x 4 sized blocks, like so:


I’ve done them in colours that I like but I hope they will work for anyone that fancies them.

I have a handful of other photos for this month, including DD and her Gelli Plate play, my quilting, DD and a little puppet she made at school, and perhaps one or two more things I think I can manage before  the month closes out.  I will possibly do the crafty life photos in the slide strip – haven’t decided yet!

Now, DD is off school and we are going to lunch.

4 thoughts on “Working on my February Project Life spread (and limited appeal printables)

  1. Thank you for these freebies. They are just so cute.

  2. Oh I think these freebies have broad appeal – think of the I Spy books, playing I Spy to pass time. And how often have we wished to be a fly on the wall – and sometimes we do get the opportunity.
    Thank you!

  3. Hi, not a gamer, but that sure sounds interesting…..but I LOVE your PL prints, thanks so much. I’m just getting into PL and surely I can use these in the future!

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