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Sunday-someplace-else (funny punctuation marks)

My FIL sent me this link and it made me smile.  I was quite busy yesterday , working on something that at least one WOYWWer will be pleased to see (I wonder if she will twig?) and have more of that to carry on with (slightly dependant on what the weather does, as I find I need something from town before I can progress much further)


I’ll just add a link to the funny:

Personally, I love the Morgan Freemark one.  Sometimes things in my head already sound in his voice – it’s so distinctive.  And certainly the “I’m not angry” mark would help with forum posts.  I can be brief,  just the facts, Ma’am, sometimes and the number of time people have misinterpreted that for something else, never intended, surprises me.

Lots to be getting on with – it seems hard to remember the days when Sunday was a day of rest…..