WOYWW 194 – neat and organized!

As I was doing a general every-room tidy up thru the house I figured I might as well sort of my desk and floor.  I had a few ideas I wanted to try today with my current obsession, my Gelli plate, but was frustrated by having the paint all ready to go and sifting thru piles of things, looking for this stencil or that stamp or the other texture plate.  At least to begin with I wanted things separate so I could hopefully grab what I needed before the paint got too dry to pull!


I am totally ready to rock & roll!


Now, I note that Julia has done a posted “made me smile” thing, hosted by fellow WOYWW-er Wipso (Annie).  In my cleaning I came across a fair few old magazines.  As is my way, I had to flip thru every one to make 100% sure there wasn’t some little gem of inspiration that I would regret getting rid of before it went to the recycling.  This ad from the 90s made me more than smile, it made me laugh out loud.  We crafters like to bring a bit of our “art” to our home decor, and I get that there are people who are as passionate about latch-hook rugs and crochet as I am about ink and paint and scrapbook layouts.  I like a bit of crochet myself, if I’m honest.  Let’s look small and the expand out view, shall we?

A perfectly nice living room corner – OK, so the plaid chair is maybe a bit much, and certainly the lamp cord should be hidden, but overall, I could live there.


Surprise is not the word I would use – more like horrify, perhaps?  Give nightmares to? OMG.  Check out the “new and improved” craft-enhanced space!


Dear God!  The only thing that would make this worse is if those puppies were playing poker! Everything about it is just so WRONG – from the jaunty beret on the teenager, to the 1000-yard stare on that cat, to the poodle’s spiral embellished jumper.  FUN , they say?  Not the word I would use…..

Happy WOYWW!  I’m doing my best but there are just some blogs I am simply not able to comment on (including Julia’s) But know I am probably visiting you even if I leave to trace of my presence!