Deli paper – Yeah, baby!


Doing the happy dance!  I got the deli paper I ordered yesterday and managed to drag my weary from cleaning self to my desk last night to do a quick couple of Gelli Plate pulls.  Woo Hoo!  OK, I THINK this is perhaps thinner than some you can find in the USA, and it is interleaved, so there is a fold in each sheet, but I love the sheerness of it and the fact you can actually SEE thru it to the plate.  Here is the box:


£5.52 (ex VAT) from here!

Now, given the stated size, it may be imperfect for the larger Gelli plate, sized 8 x 10 (no wiggle room if you try to get the whole of the plate on a sheet) and there is a LOT of waste with the 6 x 6 plate, but it is the best price I could find and they offer just the one size.

Check out the prints! I think you can see a bit of the sheerness here


More so in the ghost print:


And this looks a bit lackluster on the desk…delipaper4

but more interesting up to the light!


Drat and damnation but I have my office to clean up today, and one more room that needs SERIOUS attention (ie the place all the stuff that needed re-housing got stashed as I worked my way thru the house) and the cupboards are Mother-Hubbard bare, so I am not sure I will get the time to have a proper play with this.  I am tempted by Julie Balzer’s upcoming Getting Started with Deli Paper class in April, just to see what she comes up with, in addition to the ideas I’ve already thought of.  I enjoyed the quick GSW Gelli Plates class (I just struggle to commit to a long complicated class, but at under £10 I can do the videos in a day and then go back for a closer look on the Mac while I play right along side) so this might be a nice one to look forward to! Particularly if there is a scrapbooking element.



9 thoughts on “Deli paper – Yeah, baby!

  1. HI!! The link for your deli paper supplier isn’t working, can you send me the details? Ta sally

    • I wish I could – so far as I can tell they no longer sell it. I checked myself many months back and the site no longer has it listed. Sorry.

      Mary Anne

  2. Love your prints and the deli paper sheerness! What did you use to get the wonderful damask looking print on the one you used for your book cover (the first one pictured above in pink)? So scrumptious! Thanks~Terry Y.

    • We have a cheap store here called The Works and they have a tiny range of art supplies – they have some very flimsy and not very well cut stencils and this was from one of those. But there are loads of stencils that would do the same. Damask is what to look for, and you could look in DIY stores or Home decor aisles if you can’t find them in a scrapbooking store.


      Mary Anne

  3. Wow, your prints look amazing, and so effective on deli paper. And you managed to track down the dry wax paper – awesome!

  4. I buy such a product at a wholesale store for local restaurants. (United Grocers: Cash and Carry) This store is in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, but certainly there are such suppliers in many cities. Now . . . what to do with it? (It does make great tracing paper, accepts a pencil mark quite well.)

  5. I was tempted to buy some, but that link quotes just under £6 for postage which is an awful lot to post something that I expect is very lightweight ….. did they charge you that much? (a grand total of £13.71 including VAT and UK shipping )

  6. Lovely Desk and so organised x
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 72

  7. Now this has peeked my curiosity, deli paper? hhhmmm must check this out further, blast it, it is wednesday and I have to blog hop….. LOL


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