Deli paper – Yeah, baby!

Doing the happy dance!  I got the deli paper I ordered yesterday and managed to drag my weary from cleaning self to my desk last night to do a quick couple of Gelli Plate pulls.  Woo Hoo!  OK, I THINK this is perhaps thinner than some you can find in the USA, and it is interleaved, so there is a fold in each sheet, but I love the sheerness of it and the fact you can actually SEE thru it to the plate.  Here is the box:


£5.52 (ex VAT) from here!

Now, given the stated size, it may be imperfect for the larger Gelli plate, sized 8 x 10 (no wiggle room if you try to get the whole of the plate on a sheet) and there is a LOT of waste with the 6 x 6 plate, but it is the best price I could find and they offer just the one size.

Check out the prints! I think you can see a bit of the sheerness here


More so in the ghost print:


And this looks a bit lackluster on the desk…delipaper4

but more interesting up to the light!


Drat and damnation but I have my office to clean up today, and one more room that needs SERIOUS attention (ie the place all the stuff that needed re-housing got stashed as I worked my way thru the house) and the cupboards are Mother-Hubbard bare, so I am not sure I will get the time to have a proper play with this.  I am tempted by Julie Balzer’s upcoming Getting Started with Deli Paper class in April, just to see what she comes up with, in addition to the ideas I’ve already thought of.  I enjoyed the quick GSW Gelli Plates class (I just struggle to commit to a long complicated class, but at under £10 I can do the videos in a day and then go back for a closer look on the Mac while I play right along side) so this might be a nice one to look forward to! Particularly if there is a scrapbooking element.