A little collection of Project Life style printables

Life is getting in the way a bit.  I started a major tidy-up yesterday and it needs finishing.  The bookshelves seem to have become a catch-all for a strange assortment of things, the laundry was piling up (curse you, Gelli plate!) and there is personal paperwork that desperately needs sorting thru.  But before I attack those things with a vengeance, and while I await the delivery of the “deli paper” I mentioned ordering last week, I thought I would add this odd little assortment of printables.  Usually I make “collections,” all on a theme, but this is just a set of things I made in the smaller size for myself that I thought might be useful to others.


The PDF is here.  I thought the fairly plain Crafty Life one would lend itself to arty treatments like Copic colouring or even just a burst or three of spray inks.  The THEN & NOW pair works well for a duo of photos showing a change (like a hair cut, for example) – I used it with photos of DD and her ice skating progress. If the orientation isn’t right,  you could either punch out the white circle and mat it then reposition it on the background as you need it to be, or edit it digitally to rotate the circles.  And you can obviously punch the circle and put it on some completely different background as well.   I used the Skype one with a screen grab of my sister and her kids as we chatted last month. No use for me for the  FaceTime one at the moment but it would work with a shot of a phone mid-FT call, maybe to illustrate the distance?  Like one of you off on a business trip, or with a kid at Uni?  Just some thoughts I had, but I’m sure you can come up with 100 more!

Now, my piles o’ books are calling to me…alphabetical by author, grouped by theme, or by perfect fit?  Decisions, decisions……

Note:  And speaking of decisions…what do you think about me replacing the red dot with a small heart? It kinda just occurred to me as I walked past the pile on my desk, shifting things from room to room.  Comment if you like the idea and if people do,  I can easily sort it.  I am ALWAYS open to suggestions so if there is something you really fancy and don’t want to make it yourself, LMK!  Who knows? It might come in handy for ME!