Project Life style freebies – Magic!


A funny thing happened and because I am trying to do a PL style book, I managed to capture it.  Woo Hoo! For once, grabbing the camera was at the forefront of my mind, and not just an afterthought or a regret – Oh!  I should have...

Yesterday, the chaos of my Gelli Plate play was still on my desk.  DD came home from school and I was showing her what I had made.  She seemed interested so I said Want to have a go? and she said YES.  Was a time when artsy crafty things really appealed to her but nowadays it is all pop music and teen dream stars so I was a little surprised.  anyway, we sat down, I showed her how it worked and them let her pick the colours, the tools, etc.  She did one print and amazingly, asked if she could do another. I was quick to say yes and as we laid on the paper to pull the print she said …and this is when the magic happens! I laughed but it occurred to me that was the perfect quote to use for my PL photos.  So I quickly made up a little printable.  As ever, I made them for me, but if you find them useful, you can grab the PDF here.

They look like this:

magic1 magic2

She was so proud of her prints she was quick to share them with her dad when he came home from work.   I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to do more of them.  I hope so – I miss sharing crafting time with my kids.


Aren’t they fab? I love this pink and yellow one – better than some of MINE, TBH!  You can see just off to the right, how her hand is clenched – that is her usual posture, due to her right-hemi CP, but she managed all but the brayering stage pretty much on her own.  I think she has a real eye for colour and pattern.

hergelli2 hergelli1

Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Project Life style freebies – Magic!

  1. Thank you for all the years of great blog posts, personal shares and freebies. I know I don’t comment; but I am here lurking and enjoying all of your time and efforts!

  2. WOW what a talented daughter you have – her geli plate prints are awesome, and these were one her first attempt – How impressive are they !!!!! I especially love the blue and mauve one. A++++++++++

  3. magnifique travail j aime beaucoup

  4. Great work! I like the lilac one best! PL cards fab too!

  5. Brilliant! Your PL cards and also your DD’s fab colour designs. :o)
    Sue x

  6. Really love the orange and green one your DD did – it is stunning! Way to go!

  7. Gorgeous magic cards and I love your daughter’s designs! So cute!

  8. Fantastic! I agree…quite the eye for color!

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