iPlay coffee filter book – with Gelli prints

This much fun should be illegal LOL!

I have had such a fun time playing with printing.  I dragged out my stack o’ coffee filters the other day and tried out Gelli printing on them.  It worked very well – I like to soft matte finish and the texture and the way the paint adheres sort of patchy sometimes.  That works great with the “spritz spray ink all over” technique that I saw on the Gelli Arts blog.   But I did a few more interesting things.

First, I had a go at making a roller stamp.  I was a bit worried that the rolling action over the Gelli plate would deposit paint or not LIFT paint so well.  It kinda does happen like that, but as Gelli printing isn’t really a precise art, which is what I love about it, it doesn’t matter!

I made the stamp from an old block (the kids no longer play with them so why not?) and some sticky backed fun foam cut with dies. Oh, and you can see one of my plays with the Use Your Words class ideas (cutting up your letter stencils – more on that at the end.)



I think I have seen hammering in nails to make the roller part but I just pounded in some old push pins as we have no place to use them in this house.



Here is one of the “pages” printed on the coffee filter.  I love the effect!



Here is one printed on paper – less keen on it as the pale pink is just too dull.  But you can see the pattern a bit better here.  All I did was apply the paint to the plate and roll over the stamp roller to remove it.

rollerstamp3  Nifty, humm?  another thing I had a go at was some cardboard.  I peeled off the paper then sanded it a bit to make the ridges crisper and get rid of any shreds left from the peeling. I did leave some areas solid for contrast, but the piece is big enough I can avoid those areas if I want to.


Interesting effect, I think.  Light pressure and two colours almost make it plaid. I added some dots over it.


And when I pulled a print with white over all the leftover gunge on the plate I got this – love it. I have to say, when I see people cleaning off their plates between sessions (at ALL?) I just think You are missing a great print there…. This come from JUST WHITE PAINT over a dirty plate.


Just a couple more pages – this one uses one of the stencils I cut (the wonky pink bars) from report covers on the Cricut:


and this one uses a long-ago made fun foam circle stamp with Pearl daubber on it, stamped  over the print..


The final book looks like this:


Now, about Use Your Words – I have to confess I don’t own a stencil-letter stencil, so I cut mine on the Cricut out of heavy cardstock and cut those up.  Nice as I can cut more than one of the letters I need more than one of, which I prefer to buying multiple stencils.  Cheap, me.   They work fine, as you can see.  They are over a Gelli print from my play last week, in colours that didn’t really go with the other ones I made so I set it aside and grabbed it today to test the lettering on.


Now, my poor desk is in such a state.  You are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in the photos, trust me.  It’s really, REALLY bad.  I have a date with some hot soapy water, Marigolds, and my filthy stencils, stamps, and brushes….