SDC86 – Red, Pink and white


Well I am getting lax in doing the Stampotique Designers Challenge lately. But I finally got a new stamp so I figured I’d better follow the tenets of Use Every Stamp, a free class I am taking from My Creative Classroom, and ink the darn thing.  So I did.  This is the Valentines Day card I made.  But there is so much more to how I got here than just that!


You can see it has a sort of Waterfall card structure, but nothing attached to it – or at least not the usual three or four squares.  I just wanted the stamped figure on it so I simply attached that to the lowest scored area and left the other ones as simply folds.

When you pull, the greeting is exposed.  Because the figure is attached with foam pads, it does sort of “lift” off the surface a bit more, even if it doesn’t rise up the card, IYKWIM:


The background is using one of my Gelli Prints – using red, pink and white, obviously!  That inspiration came from Carolyn and her Gelli Party posts.


But how did this all begin? This morning, I was looking for a box for the paints that are on my desk – I just wanted something to put them in so I could move them off my desk quickly while I did something for the challenge, then put them all back out so I could do the last few pages for the Gelli Print mini I was working on, rather than storing them in their usual home.  I spied a box on the shelf and dragged it out.  Buried under a load of rubbish inside was a surprise – a bunch of unmounted text stamps that I got in some grab bag or another at least 10 years ago!


I had to assume that if I hadn’t mounted them, I must not have fancied them at the time.  Would I fancy them NOW? The first thing I did was ink them to see what they said.  There were only two that I knew I wanted to use and an idea bloomed.


You can see the propeller lifting up the figure – that required a mask and stamp positioner.

What about the other, you ask?  Well, when you open the card…


and eagle-eyed readers can see the other stamp!


In one card  managed to include the majority of the things that I have going on at the moment.  A rare thing, because I am aware my blog is a bit schizophrenic at the moment – I seem to jump from organizing, stamping and cardmaking, Project Life, both scrapping and printable creating, Gelli plate play, and more.  Keep me from getting bored, I guess, but not sure if never knowing what to expect when you visit is a good thing or a bad thing! Now I have to take a WOYWW photo while the light is good then decide where my mojo is heading for the afternoon!  At the moment I have NO IDEA …..

9 thoughts on “SDC86 – Red, Pink and white

  1. Oh Yes this is great….and Very creative.
    Thanks for Joining us at Stampotique Designers Challenge.

  2. That’s an amazing card! Love the propeller and absolutly adore the confetti! Thanks for showing this at the Stampotique Challenge Blog. XOXO

  3. Love following you, and the ‘surprise” inside is great ,but the angel is the most awfull stamp I have ever see. Sorry , but it looks like one of the “fallen” ones.

  4. That is super! I used to include snowflakes in Christmas card much to the annoyance of tidy friends who then had to vacuum again!
    Jo x

  5. Fantastic cards you have made, love the first one and the second is so fun! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  6. Hi MaryAnne. What a neat idea – I only wish I had the stamp. I would love to cause mischief with a sprinkle of confetti on the lap of an unsuspecting card recipient! So naughty 😉 Hmmm who do I know that loves to hoover tee hee!!!

  7. what an awesome card! Love your blog:)

  8. M, You are truly genius to me with stamping , papercrafting and technology! This card is giggly wonderful. I subscribe to your blog via email so I rarely comment; there are a few more comments only rarely on youtube. I am faithful and loyal to you more than any of my other subscriptions; you are so generous with your techie discoveries…I use your journaling spots and ideas often. TY for making me smile today…Can you email me an addy where I can send another TY? I am in the States. Hugs, Sandi

    • Wow Sandi, that is so very kind of you. You seriously made my day! It does feel sometimes like I am talking to an empty room, but then I get something like this and I am beyond thrilled. I’ll email you a copy of this reply, and thanks enough would be to see something you have done with any inspiration I provided. 🙂

      Mary Anne

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