Gelli plate – book from prints


I’ve seen a couple of books made from Gelli Art plate prints and was keen to collect my play samples into something that was usable.  You may have seen me moan about getting the 6 x 6 inch plate – stupidly I wasn’t sure I would like it, and instead a LOVE it but find the 6 x 6 size harder to make something usable with.  What I did was cut down A4 size paper  by folding it in half (so just under 6 inches) then trimming to 6 inches, giving me four 6 x nearly 6 inch sides.  That worked pretty well, because I was able to print on each side with the piece still folded, and get the print covering nearly all of the page, without over printing on another page, IYKWIM. I wasn’t much bothered about covering 100% of the page and actually liked some of the bare edges, where I could add Distress Ink or spray ink – cosmic Shimmer is really nice with the matte paint!

I have a whole stack of prints.  Here are some of them:



In the close up of the page on the right you can see the Pearl Daubber I used thru a stencil.  Love that.


Most of my prints rely heavily on my own stamps and texture plates and the stencils I cut last week from the report covers with my Cricut.


I hated this page below to begin with but it’s amazing how just adding layer on layer can help turn something you hate into something you really like.


Really liking the foam stamp/texture plate on the green side below.  I NEED MORE FUN FOAM!  I would have gotten some today but it’s snowing AGAIN and I needed to get to the grocery store and back before it got too bad to get up the drive.


Liking the clean-your-plate print on the left above, especially the pick-up of the pearl dots from the previous print. and I really like the thick grungy layer of paint around the edges!


So now I have to research Coptic binding – and get some waxed thread.  I’ve heard you can use dental floss but that may leave the book smelling minty fresh! I’ve no beeswax but wonder if running the thread around a candle will do in a pinch, and if I should amass another 10 or so pages before binding – I actually have a couple of 4-side-folds that are not all four printed on,  so I may just put it off a bit and practice Coptic stitching on some scratch paper signatures. But I am doing Carolyn Dube’s Use Your Words freebie class and this might be a great little book for that.  We shall see….

6 thoughts on “Gelli plate – book from prints

  1. i bought waxed thread at a tandy leather store, and it seems like it will work quite well for binding books.
    i too want to make an art journal with my prints, and hope to find a tutorial on how to do so on a youtube video someday.
    i was just thinking, what about binding them using the method where each page is attached to a tiny concertina folde strip of cardstock? i know there’s a name for that, but i don’t remember it at the moment!

  2. Love your prints.
    I’m a Gelli Plate addict / lover LOL since I got one aty Chrtistmas. I’m just putting together my first book/mini journal and also looking to bind with coptic stiching. Thanks for the great ideas (will also try the acetate print…imagine it would look pretty cool).

  3. The Gelli plate seems to be the hottest thing since sliced bread! From what I have noticed peeps either LOVE it or HATE it. Glad you love yours! Are you making your own stamps with the fun foam?

    • Yep. A couple of posts back I show some I made, which I really like a lot. I also like cutting stencils from report covers on the Cricut! They work amazingly well, better than I expected. Of course as I only have the baby bug Cricut they are limited to 6″ but I want to experiment with cutting two and sticking them together to create a bigger size. Funny I don’t think I;ve seen ANYONE moaning about hating the Gelli plate but that may be more to d with Google and less to do with them not posting to that effect. Really, every print is such a surprise that that is half the fun – you just don’t know for sure what you are gong to get! 🙂


  4. Beautiful and thank you for sharing.
    Do you think you could print on acetate with acrylic paint and put it in a window? It seems as though you could make your own stained glass effect maybe.

    Happy thoughts,

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