WOYWW 192 – so clean!

I am nearly done.  Yesterday I spent some time labelling stuff.  My theory is that just SEEING the labels will remind me of stuff hidden away in drawers. That’s the theory anyway!


It’s shocking the amount of STUFF I have. I got all my cardmaking supplies in one section – that red bin you see has all my cards, nicely organized my “event” and WITH ENVELOPES.  I never had trouble finding the cards but I was forever hunting for the right envelope.


I was able to consolidate almost all of my “arty” supplies on one shelf – all except my gilding flakes and Pan Pastels.


My desk, was pretty clean, for a very short time, then I started cutting some bits of sticky-backed foam and making texture plates/stamps for what I hope is going to be a fun day playing with my Gelli plate!

woyww193c  I have to get them all stuck down and then I can just get messy with paint.  I would have finished yesterday but DDs bus driver (driving a new, longer bus) got the darn thing stuck in some mud just off the driveway.  It took an hour and a half and an emergency call to DHs pub-mate and his son, to shift it.  Hence the totally different colour-cast to this photo, taken late in the day!


Pop round Julia’s place to see what all this WOYWW lark is about. And I’ll see you at yours.