Card kit binder and a frugal tip

Well, I have not totally sorted thru my pile o’ scraps, but I have reduced it by at least 75%.  I sorted the scraps into card kits in my binder, and the binder is full to bursting.  I removed all the full sheets to file, tossed out any unusable debris, separated out any random embellishment packs (although embellishments I tried to find homes for in the kits) and am very happy with the progress:


Now a funny tip for you.  I get Craft Stamper magazine.  I love it, and love the little freebie stamps that come as a cover mount (only in the UK, sorry international subscribers!) For a year I have been saving the printed acetate that comes over the stamp.  Can I find the stupid box they are in? No. But I have been planning this for a while, and I was able to find a few that were still on the covers of older mags.


I thought to myself that as I am not keeping the stamps on these little squares, and they are too cute to just toss in the bin, I thought they would work as little embellishments. Now, not all of them will work for this idea. For example, the little banner stamp probably doesn’t. But you might have an idea for it, s maybe it would…

This one is the one I decided to play with first:


Now you do need to be a little careful when you are peeling it off, lest you crease the acetate.  I did a little, but I hope I have disguised it well enough in the final card.

The fact it is acetate presents its own set of problems – the attachment has to be something you don’t mind seeing (like an eyelet or a brad) or the image should be central on the piece so you can tuck it under something to hide how you have secured it, or if you like the Diamond Glaze as glue trick, that works too.

On the other hand, I like being able to take advantage of the fact it is acetate.  As you can see here,  I tucked the flower under the acetate, but over the circle so it peeps thru (disguising the slight crease) and showing off the clear nature of it.


Again, my cards are never going to win any prizes, but they do make something from nothing and add to my stash of cards for last-minute sending.

If you are like me and you peel off your clear stamps to house them in some organizational method that doesn’t require the index sheet, you could do the same with those.  Copics would colour them in nicely and it might be fun to experiment with.

Now, I have a date with the Hoover as my floor is SO littered with paper debris I can’t stand it.  That may be the extent of my crafty play today.