Paper and Carstock organized – and card kit binder

Well it’s taken days but my paper and cardstock is sorted. Lovely, humm?

cardandpaperJust to the right of the cardstock you can see my tower o’flowers.  They are grouped by colour but need some attentions.  The paper  groups are bagged, with the tabs labelling them as well.  The groupings are generic (dots/stripes/bold floral/floral wallpaper, grid, etc) based on how I look for things.  Samples of the groups:


Double sided paper has issues, but for the most part I am happy with the decision to group things .  For example I know I will NEVER use the flip side of this dotty paper, so it goes in the dots.


You can see TEXT paper, MESH or GRID paper, and LINED JOURNALING paper (just a few of the other groups.)


The rest of the patterned paper (OMG SO MUCH paper) is kitted in groups, in the bins that used to house my scraps.

Next, I am attacking the pile of patterned paper scraps.  My idea for taming this mess,

scrapheap is to do as I have talked about before but with some additions.  I will sort the papers into groups that I am happy to use for a card, with the addition of finding a big enough chunk of cardstock to either fold a card (of a standard size) or at the very least cover the card front. I hunt thru my bowl of circles and toss in anything that goes. Here are a couple of sample sets:

cardkit cardkit2

I may not use everything in the “kit” but I can always decide exactly what I want to use when I sit down to make.

As these are cards, and using scraps, the bits fit in an 8.5 x 11 sleeve (I found a whole binder of them while cleaning, 100s, all empty) so that will become my Card Kit storage.  Now, if I have a crop and don’t feel like I have enough scrapbooking prepared, I can always just grab the binder, toss in a few sentiment stamps, and I am good to go.



One last silly thing – I tend to keep my heat gun under my desk, cause that is where the power strip is.  I like to have it ready, but I am always kicking it or stepping on it.  So I tool a little loop of ribbon and a bit of velcro and made a holster for it, that is stuck to the kick plate of my desk.


Now it’s handy, but not in the way.

Just a few more areas to attack (like those flowers, and my ribbon bag o’ shame!) And I can get back to my Gelli plate printing.  And there was a call on UKS for people to join in the ATC trail so I may have to do that as something creative, but small and fast, that I can squeeze in and use up some of the samples.  I am in danger of missing my OTHER crop this weekend, as DS is coming down to London from Uni in Scotland, and as he is so close he may be able to come home for a day.  I’ll be gutted to miss ANOTHER one and have to wait a whole month (albeit a short one) till I can get to crop, but no way I am missing out on seeing m’boy!

I’ll bet you are well sick of all this non crafty stuff, but once I get it all organized I will be back at it with a vengeance.