Bold title cards for Project Life style albums

Again, I made these for me but am sharing them.  Of course mine ar the 2.5 x 3.5 size but the download is the more common PL 3 x 4 size.


Now, a word about the rounding of the corners.  I used the more pointed rounder for all but the blue one, just to show the difference.

boldtitles2As you can see the softer rounder cuts in to the letters a little too much IMHO.  Here you can see it looks much better with the more pointed rounder:


I could shift it over a bit, but I liked the letters right close to the edge, and for me, the rounding isn’t essential.

There is a bit of space if you wanted to journal on the cards but I like the big, bold titles on their own.

Enjoy.  Me? I have a stack of cards to make from my scrap sorting.  I am also doing the free class one of my commenters, Barbara,  mentioned on my Stamp re-org post at My Creative Classroom and looking out for more organizational tips and tricks.  I still have a lot of stuff that needs sorting and re-arranging, the stamps were just the first step.  Just call me the Mighty ReArranger LOL!