WOYWW 190 – still with the stamps….


Happy snowy WOYWW day.  Not sure at this point if DD will be home or not. Since she had a sore throat yesterday I am thinking that she may be home anyway, even if the roads are clear – with a 40 minute trip to her school it wouldn’t be the worst thing….

I am slowly making my way thru my stamp stash and getting it all organized.  Gosh the comments on the last couple of posts have been SO informative and I am amazed at how other people organize their stamps!  The number who do spreadsheets to capture every bit of info about a stamp is astonishing, even in my small sample. And when did blogging become a conversation?  LOL!  I don’t often reply to comments, unless someone asks a direct question, but the last few days I have commented on MY OWN BLOG more than I have in the last 4 years (well, maybe not, but darn close!) and it has all but fascinating … to ME anyway!

People have taken the time to add so much information, and it has been such a help in fine-tuning my not-original idea.  Deeply appreciated.

So that is what is on my W this W.  I am now working on collecting up the stray clear stamps from various places, and stamping index sheets for my wood mount and foam stamps (except alphas) to add to the binders.  I figure a good effort today and I’ll be nearly done!


I already know that the Lever Arch binders solve one problem mentioned by a few people, and that I have seen mentioned elsewhere on the net – that of the page protectors slipping down due to the weight.  The clamp over the holes holds them, even full of stamps, pretty well so far.

Anyway, trapped in the house is a good thing when there is crafty work t be done – thank goodness the fridge is very well stocked and no reason to go out for the time being.  That means I can take a leisurely stroll in cyberspace and check out all the lovely desk.  Fun for me – see you at yours soon!

24 thoughts on “WOYWW 190 – still with the stamps….

  1. i’m dropping by to say hi! your organizing project looks as if its very successful.
    when you’re all done you’ll be so pleased, i’m sure!
    happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  2. My poor stamps are “organized” by throwing them in drawers designated to companies–your endeavor looks much more promising!!!

    #164 this week

  3. I started organizing my stamps very similar to you except I stamp off my images onto 81/2 x11 crdstock in sleeves and store them in a binder divided into themes like you mentioned. My small acrylics are in baseball card sleeves in the same themes and ifiled into the bnder in the correct theme.
    Sadly, i got distracted in 2012 and didn’t carry through with this. I need to integrate those new stamps correctly and get them added to my sheets.
    One thing I wish i had thought of was to add the manufacturer and name just below the image when I stamped them. I use that info in my card recipes on my blog.

  4. I had many of my stamps in A5 folders but as you said the weight pulls them down. So now i just stand the pockets on the shelf. I have my most used in folders only because they tend to open flat most of the time. I doubt we will ever really find a solution that fits every ones needs.
    Nelle xx #89

  5. ah now stamp storage, that is a very contentious issue is it not?
    I keep mine in the A4 flat boxes that I buy in pound land. They work for me although I still loose them, usually because my desk is such as mess and they stick to other things.
    anyway I have been intending to catalogue them because i forget what I have and end up using the same ones. Keep warm and have a good week

  6. Wow, you’ve been busy..but it will be worth it when you can lay your hands on what you want, when you need it! Have you found long lost favourites in your sort out??
    Hugs, LLJ 37 xx

  7. Fab organising. I have done the same and found the stronger plastic wallets to be the best. At first I bought the cheap ones but found they did collapse. Ah well I learned quickly! I’ve been stuck in too, my sticks slide out from under me and the wheelchair wheel spins on snow/ice so staying in is the only option. Thankfully my family are keeping me in bread and milk and I had well stocked cupboards! I nearly didn’t post today as am struggling, but didn’t want to miss out, might suffer withdraw symptoms!! Take care Zo xx 139

  8. The binder thing…if the clamp thingy is too puny, store the whole file in a landscape format, no danger then! Genuinely don’t need to catalogue my wood mounts, I can look at a shop full of stamps and tell you what I haven’t got and have got…they are like my friends, I remember them!
    Amazing that you reckon it’ll just take you one more day, you’re so motivated!

  9. Wow you’ve been a busy bee, last week it was paper scraps, this week (all week it seems!) is stamps! I’d love to do something similar but just don’t have the time or the patience to sit down and work it all out. Perhaps when you’re done…???? In exchange for a pair of socks??! But you’d have to pay your own airfare, lol!


  10. Thank you firstly for stopping by my blog. 🙂 And I am so impressed with your effort to get your stamps organized. I get started and then get frustrated and stop. 🙂 I can’t wait to see it when you’re all done.
    April #110

  11. You’re so organised Mary Anne.
    Mine really need doing badly but I dread starting it.

    Happy Crafting!

    Sue @ 111

  12. Wow you’ve been so busy with the organisation, but it makes life so much easier. I’m about to do something similar, before my little stamp collection gets bigger (as they do!). HappyWOYWW! Karen 94 x

  13. Well done you for getting organised. I have all my dies and embossing folders and masks indexed and store my stamps in A4 plastic boxes with themes written on the boxes. Might have to index them?
    Ria #92

  14. good luck with your organising
    Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #45

  15. We decided to stamp up our whole collection last week, didn’t think it would take long, but were still going at 9pm, losing the will to stamp. Still, it’s done now and we have a neat A5 folder full of all our images, which we will probably never open again!

    From the bears @#91 this week

  16. It is such a ‘task’ sorting out all your stamps I did this a few years ago with a crafty friend she came to stay for three days and we did them all stamping them on sheets and putting into a binder etc good luck it will be worth it when your finished
    Jackie 16

  17. Oh how I wish mine were at the same stage as your’s! You’ve done so well and also you did the groundwork to make it easier for me when I get going on mine.
    TY TY TY!
    Jo x

  18. I admire you getting up to such a big organizing job! I started doing stuff but I realised I better leave it for now – especially as I might be moving soon! All my stamps are kept in their original packaging but I keep the same manufaturer in one box! I do make index sheets if the packaging doesn’t have them!
    Have a lovely week, hope you don’t get anymore snow – or maybe you want it so you can finish your organizing!
    Lots of hugs,

  19. Clever idea but I don’t think I can move from dumping them all in a box and putting the lid on!!
    Sandra @67

  20. Such organisation! I am afraid my stamps are largely in a muddle, though I vaguely know which drawer most of them are in… mostly!!! Hope you enjoy your enforced crafty day (poor you, lol!!) Helen, 9

  21. great looking desk. Lots of stamps to be stamped! Good thing the weather is cooperating and making it too nasty to get out and about! Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

  22. this stamp sorting is a marathon event to be sure…
    hope your daughter keeps well – the snow plays havoc with travelling, doesn’t it?
    happy WOYWW and have a great week 🙂
    no. 5

  23. It looks like you will be busy with those for a while yet!! I don’t have half the stamps that some people appear to but would find it a daunting task to organise them, so good luck and let me know when you are done what the easiest and fastest way is? 😉 Annette #18

  24. Wow, I am overwhelmed. I am trying to gather all my supplies from all over the house into one new room, that I figured out was too small as soon as I had my paper desk and my sewing desk in place. I have beautiful new walls hiding behind all the shelves…. So organizing….

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