WOYWW 190 – still with the stamps….

Happy snowy WOYWW day.  Not sure at this point if DD will be home or not. Since she had a sore throat yesterday I am thinking that she may be home anyway, even if the roads are clear – with a 40 minute trip to her school it wouldn’t be the worst thing….

I am slowly making my way thru my stamp stash and getting it all organized.  Gosh the comments on the last couple of posts have been SO informative and I am amazed at how other people organize their stamps!  The number who do spreadsheets to capture every bit of info about a stamp is astonishing, even in my small sample. And when did blogging become a conversation?  LOL!  I don’t often reply to comments, unless someone asks a direct question, but the last few days I have commented on MY OWN BLOG more than I have in the last 4 years (well, maybe not, but darn close!) and it has all but fascinating … to ME anyway!

People have taken the time to add so much information, and it has been such a help in fine-tuning my not-original idea.  Deeply appreciated.

So that is what is on my W this W.  I am now working on collecting up the stray clear stamps from various places, and stamping index sheets for my wood mount and foam stamps (except alphas) to add to the binders.  I figure a good effort today and I’ll be nearly done!


I already know that the Lever Arch binders solve one problem mentioned by a few people, and that I have seen mentioned elsewhere on the net – that of the page protectors slipping down due to the weight.  The clamp over the holes holds them, even full of stamps, pretty well so far.

Anyway, trapped in the house is a good thing when there is crafty work t be done – thank goodness the fridge is very well stocked and no reason to go out for the time being.  That means I can take a leisurely stroll in cyberspace and check out all the lovely desk.  Fun for me – see you at yours soon!