Adding Wooden Stamps – this will work!

A lot of comments from the last post regarding how people organize their stamps – thanks for all the info.  It shows clearly that everyone finds success in a different way.

One commenter, PeeJay, mentioned her “catalogue” of stamps, and while I initially thought so much work! the idea stuck with me.  In discussing the need to search through multiple storage solutions, especially regarding wood mounted stamps or even foam mounted ones that are too bulky to fit in a binder, it occurred to me that a mix of what I was doing, and her catalogue idea would suite me perfectly!

My wood mounted stamps are all in drawers in those rolling stacks, all sorted into loose groupings, like SCENIC (leaves, trees, grass, etc with a corner devoted to SEA related things like waves and sandbanks), ANIMALS (including odd animals like winged pigs or cows with globe-spots or purely fantasy animals as well as bees, butterflies, spiders, etc), HOLIDAY (pretty much all Christmas), Weird People (like Gorey-dancers, hairless Bill and Hilary, shocked nuns, and all my Stampotique stamps)  and TEXT.  So they are all in one place and I know the WHERE of them pretty well as I have not changed that is a decade.

I wanted to save myself the senior moments of forgetfulness, grabbing the binder of clear stamps to work on a project then realize halfway through it that I had the PERFECT wood mounted stamp that I had forgotten all about.  The catalog aspect would help me get the INFO, if not the actual STAMP,  co-located with the clear ones.  Since I have not-a-ton of wood mounts, it didn’t seem that daunting a task, not like cataloging all my clear stamps would be. Here is what I did:

I took a plain white sheet of good weight cardstock, A4 like the protectors are, and grabbed one sub-set of my stamps.  I stamped the image with brown ink (as an immediate visual cue that it was a wood mounted stamp – maybe I will use something like blue for the foam ones) on the sheet, punched the holes to correspond with the ring binder and now can add those sheets right mixed in with the sleeves of clear stamps!  No more forgetting – when I go to a section to look at the clear ones I can easily see that I should be looking at my wood-mount drawers if I see something I like better.


Then in the binder with the clear ones in the same group:


The best thing is where I have wood mount stamps that might best be sorted in two places I can stamp it on two sheets and have the reminder in every section.  Not sure if it is worth stamping the clear ones so I can put the image in another section as well. It might be one of those occasional things – let’s say I am looking for a circle with text in it.  I THINK I would go to CIRCLES first, but if I had a momentary lapse and went to TEXT instead, when I then eventually found the stamp in CIRCLES I could take a fresh sheet, stamp it, add it to the TEXT section.  Then I would be doing it as an ongoing thing, but not a huge undertaking.  And if I NEVER get confused about where something is, I never have to take that step IYKWIM.

But that’s not all – another commenter, Lillian, and I talked about Pokemon sleeves (the same ones I am using for my Project Life style album) and we both had the same idea – using the sleeves for small stamps.  I had the particular idea to use them for my very small sentiment stamps.  I had taken one of the report covers and cut it to ATC size.  I stuck the sometimes quite tiny stamps to it then inked the entire set.   Pressing a piece of cardstock to it, I got the impression of the whole set of sentiments.  I slipped both of them into the sleeve and BINGO!


For small ones, this let me group all the like ones together, so if I want a Birthday greeting I can see them all at a glance.  When I get new stamps, I think I would do what I’ve done here and cut up the backing sheet that has the image printed on it, and leave the stamp on there when I slip it in the sleeve.  The sleeves do have a different hole spacing on them so I have to re-punch them, but that is not a hassle to do at all.

I would do wood-mount or foam mount sentiments stamped on the plain card, and just locate them with the sleeves.  Larger sentiments would go on the report covers.  Cling stamps seem to cling to the report covers as well so I am adding in the few of them I have (when I have just one or two – I do have a whole box of what I call TEXTURE stamps, like for adding mesh or dots or a checkerboard to an art journal page or card background, that I will keep in the boxes) Some things are so unique (like sets of MONA LISA stamps, or Alice or the Lil’ Grumblies) they are well housed in the CD covers.

Still only about halfway through but at least I am sure of the process and the rest of it is just working thru the boxes and CD covers, stamp by stamp.  Well worth it to familiarize myself with what I have!  I have a few ideas already, just from refreshing my memory about ones I haven’t used (or even thought of) in YEARS.

Hope the ideas help you out – and JOZARTY, I mean YOU!  So glad I caught you BEFORE you went down the CD case route.  At least it gives you something to think about and your decision will be an informed one LOL!