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That was the week/day/year That Was printables

When I was a kid, one of my favourite things to listen to was Tom Lehrer.  I can still sing along to many of them (well, except The Elements, which lists the Periodic table to the tune of a Gilbert and Sullivan song.) In the back of my mind I had the phrase That was the X That Was (insert your choice of day/week/month/year) which was both a TV show (WEEK) and a performance by Tom live at the hungry i (YEAR) and it struck me that it would be a great bit of text for a printable.

I had been playing around with some very bright printables, not sure how I wanted to use them, and ended up with these.


I’ve just shown the various versions here – each PDF has the year, the week and the individual days blocks, exactly as shown.  I guess I am unsure if they will prove appealing to many, so I didn’t go ahead and make a MONTH one as well, given as that would require more pages, but might do. I will def. change the size to fit my 2.5 x 3.5 baseball card sleeves.

There are the two colourways shown – Orange and Pink.  I have always made my printables to be useful not just as filler cards, but I seem to be heading more towards that type now, don’t know why.  Just looking for a change?  Maybe some of the new things I am learning about my program makes that something I want to explore? I’m sure I won’t give up making double-duty printables (like all the could be a filler card, could be a mat ones) but I did discover one cool thing I am anxious to play with.  And I am STILL paralysed by indecision over my minibook.  AND a UKS member, JimJams, thinks she might be able to help me out with my missing BIG CARDS.  AND I saw a cool thing with Washi Tape I want to have a go with. AND I found a few things buried in my craft room that I had planned on using for ANOTHER (better?) stamp organization method (which I have tested with just my SWIRLS and already know it is going to be better than the CD cases for clear stamps) …. so I have a ton of things to be getting on with.  And it’s snowing AGAIN so perhaps time trapped at home can be put to good use.

Have a happy Sunday.