Ask and ye shall receive! Mesh Days and PNGs

I found a couple of odd things – I have no idea if it is something I triggered or if it is a change between the OLD version of Intaglio and the new one.  I am 99% sure that before upgrade a few months back I was able to open a PDF in Photoshop Elements and simply click SAVE AS > .PNG to convert something to a .PNG and I still CAN but for some reason it seems to change the overall size of the item to the very edge of image without the white border!  I don’t recall that happening before, nor can I find a way to make PSE open the PDF with the existing white space around it.  It may not actually matter, really – you can still Save As > .PNG to do whatever color change you want to one it, but the image is cropped to the edges.

Here is my process, on a Mac. I assume it is similar enough on a PC for you to duplicate it! But do note that the conversion to a .PNG is NOT required at all.  You can do the color change on a PDF just the same.  But I was asked about .PNGs so that is what I am showing.  The mesh months PDFs have a transparent background.  That makes it hard to see the changes.  I’ll make note of that so in the future I do include a white background behind the pattern fill.  The .PNGs do have that added, and the DAY of the WEEK ones do as well!

1. Right click on the PDF file on your desktop. Select Open in Photoshop Elements

2. Click OK to open a single page of the PDF.


3. Click File > Save As > PNG – this will take the PDF info and convert it to a PNG. You will have to do each page one at a time.


The process for re-colouring either a .PDF or a .PNG is the same.

1. Draw a marquee around the element you want to change the colour  for.


2.  Click Enhance > Adjust Color > Adjust Hue/Saturation


3.  Click Colorize (or not – it seems to work with it ticked or not ticked although it gives you differing “colours” each way. That’s something I want to look in to) and adjust the sliders till you get a colour you like!


You can then select another element and colourize that then once you have done them all, SAVE AS >  a new file name if you want to preserve the original.

I stress this is just one way – there are others, this just happens to be the one I use most often!

Now,  I will add the PNGs  for the MONTH sheets from yesterday: Months sheet 1  , sheet 2  and  sheet 3 (four months per sheet)

And here is  the DAYs of the week PDF  and the two .PNG files Mon-Thurs and Fri-Sun.  This is a screen shot of the .PNG so you can see it does have the white behind and the transparent background.


Hopefully that is all you need, but LMK if not.