Month journaling cards for Project Life-style layouts


Well I have been working on a  minibook but having gotten as far as I have I am considering my options for the rest of the construction.  I think it’s pretty nifty, but suspect that may be just me.  I am almost more interesting it the HOW of making minibooks than I am the decoration.  Anyway, as I muse on it, I knocked out a little set of printable MONTH cards.  Nothing amazing, but I hope they will be useful.  Like most of my stuff, they aren’t just for filler cards or for journaling, even.  If you carefully cut along the little flag – not all the way to the top, mind, but maybe 1/4 inch from the top edge – then you can slip a photo under the flag.



I rounded the corners of both the photo and the card, which is why I didn’t do an actual border around it – just use the background lines for guidance.

Here is an overall shot of the colour choices and a demo of how journaling looks on the mesh – I think it is fine but if you disagree I think you could simply cut a slightly smaller block and add it to the top – or even use a ticket of a label, or build a little collage on it if you wanted to use it for a 12 x 12 layout rather than in a PL sleeve.


The PDF is three pages, 4 months to a page and you can download it by clicking here. If there is interest I would happily make a Days of the Week set to accompany it. And I’ll carry on with my minibook and hope I am to a point I can share it soon.


10 thoughts on “Month journaling cards for Project Life-style layouts

  1. j’ai découvert vos créations il y a quelques années dans la version française de scrapbook inspirations (qu’on ne trouve malheureusement plus !) et j’aimais déjà beaucoup… j’adore vos freebies et je crée un lien dès maintenant : merci pour le partage !… ( )

  2. Thank you for all the things you create for everyone. I am amazed at what you achieve each day! Debra

  3. Fabulous cards! Thanks for sharing

  4. i love these! days of the week would be awesome too! thank you so much!

  5. These are great – days of the week would be lovely too – Ta very muchly!

  6. This is Fantastic! Thanks MA. The days would be great too….. wink, wink!

  7. These are lovely! thank you and being cheeky yes the days of the week ones would be good too.

  8. I like!!! I also like the idea of days of the week. I’d also love a set of PNGS or PSDs so that we could change the colours if we so desireth…. sigh…..don’t want much do I???

    LOL – well done, Lady!

    • You can convert them to .png files with Photoshop – although the program I use to create them leaves the body pf the card clear, if you will, behind the mesh – not an issue when printing on white paper but if you wanted to use them as digi elements, it would be an issue – only so far as you would need to add a layer of white (or any colour you wanted!) behind them. I;ll step it out for you tomorrow when I do the day cards – unless the predicted snow knocks out our power! 🙂

      Glad you like them.


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