Month journaling cards for Project Life-style layouts

Well I have been working on a  minibook but having gotten as far as I have I am considering my options for the rest of the construction.  I think it’s pretty nifty, but suspect that may be just me.  I am almost more interesting it the HOW of making minibooks than I am the decoration.  Anyway, as I muse on it, I knocked out a little set of printable MONTH cards.  Nothing amazing, but I hope they will be useful.  Like most of my stuff, they aren’t just for filler cards or for journaling, even.  If you carefully cut along the little flag – not all the way to the top, mind, but maybe 1/4 inch from the top edge – then you can slip a photo under the flag.



I rounded the corners of both the photo and the card, which is why I didn’t do an actual border around it – just use the background lines for guidance.

Here is an overall shot of the colour choices and a demo of how journaling looks on the mesh – I think it is fine but if you disagree I think you could simply cut a slightly smaller block and add it to the top – or even use a ticket of a label, or build a little collage on it if you wanted to use it for a 12 x 12 layout rather than in a PL sleeve.


The PDF is three pages, 4 months to a page and you can download it by clicking here. If there is interest I would happily make a Days of the Week set to accompany it. And I’ll carry on with my minibook and hope I am to a point I can share it soon.