WOYWW188 – thanks Claire!


Lucky, lucky me!  Something all out of proportion in the exchange is the first thing on my WOYWW desk.  Claire, of the blog Decide what you want, received a stunning piece of art from a friend.  She mentioned on her blog she would love some help making it into a banner to use a her blog header.  I commented I thought I could help, did, and you can see it there.  Not sure if everyone sees the same as I do, we did go back and forth, Claire and I, with the dimensions, but no matter what it is always just a little too big or a little to small when I view it on my desktop.  It’s perfect on the iPad in the mobile version (and ACK!  I hate that Blogger MAKES you begin with the mobile version when on an iPad and you have to click to see the preferred web-version EVERY TIME) and was made to the specs she took from her control panel (or whatever you Blogger folk call the dashboard) so no idea what else to do. Anyway, we emailed to and fro and she asked if she could send me a “little gift.” Of course I said yes, but when it arrived I was blown away.  A beautiful handmade book.

woyww188d woyww188c

Isn’t it stunning?  And much appreciated but I think I owe Claire about 10 more blog-banners before I feel I haven’t taken advantage.  Now I need to figure out what to fill it with.  As she suggests, a scrappy, sticky, inky mess full of pages, I think.

Otherwise, I am still playing with the t-shirt transfer paper, as you can see.


The piece at the bottom left you can read about in yesterday’s post.  And the little Stampotique man? More on that tomorrow, and a couple more samples.  Here he is a little bit closer:


Can you guess how he was achieved? The clue is on the desk! Frankly, I’m stunned it worked myself.

Off to the Dr. for a follow-up but I’ll be back to desk-hop later.  Can’t wait to get in to the WOYWW swing and super excited Julia has announced the next meet-up – although it is quite a ways away in the calendar,  hope adding it will let DH know that weekend is HANDS OFF for chili comps, geeky conferences (and I suspect it will coincide with WWDC so we may have to take a leaf from Harry Hill’s book and … FIGHT! LOL!) or any other silly thing he thinks of as it will never be as important as a WOYWW meet.

So have a great and inspiring crafty day.

43 thoughts on “WOYWW188 – thanks Claire!

  1. wow-wonderful desk-alot of creativity going on there. love the homemade book you received. love the blog header you helped to make.. Looking froward to your next desk peek..

    Happy WOYWW!
    Michele #127

  2. Hi Mary-Ann, I absolutely love the header you’ve created for Claire – it looked perfect in my browser. And the handmade book is gorgeous too … I’m sure it won’t be too long before you think of what to fill it with. Thanks for sharing – as always I enjoyed reading your post. Elizabeth x #69

  3. OH Mary Anne, I totally agree with you about the mobile iPad disaster. People put so much effort into making their art blogs interesting and beautiful and this KAK version comes up all the time. Have to go to the end of the page to change it EVERY time. (Dramatic stamping of feet, etc)

    Now to the important things. The book from Claire is truly stunning. Lucky you – just let the gift sink in without any feelings of owing anything so that it’s completely scrumptious.
    Love your background paper on the desk, too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a beautiful book. That’s the second time I’ve seen the Stampotique stamps and I’d never seen them before today. April #136

  5. what a beautiful hand made book. i don’t know if i could use it. but i’d sure sit it on the coffee table for all to see.

  6. The book you received is beautiful! Happy WOYWW!

    Apryl H. #9

  7. Hi mary ann
    shame you didnt make it to the crop on sat .. hope you are feeling better now. What a fab book and I’m sure you earned it … all this blog stuff is not easy to learn ( i feel sorry for my handyman, he has to listen to me moaning about it all the time).
    love the printed man
    thanks for sharing
    janet #23

  8. Your work on the canvas is awesome!!!

  9. Wow, that book is fab! But then, you did do someone a huge favour sorting out the banner!
    That t shirt is looking good! So, if there are two tall Americans at the crop, we will know which one is you!!! LOL 🙂 but well done for sorting it all out, you obviously have way more patience than me!!
    See ya soon, LLJ 38 xxx

  10. The book is TOTALLY awesome! Wow. Love the color, too. 🙂 I also LOVE your markers. What do you use to store yours? Mine are getting out of control! Hee 😀

  11. Hi
    Wow the banner work must have been fantasic because as you say the reward is really stunning. This is my first time to your blog so hope you don’t mind me having a look round.

  12. wow, what an awesme gift she sent to you! It’s beautiful! I am so jealous that you will get to attend the WOYWW crop…maybe y’all can set up a SKYPE so I can say hi! lol Then when I tune off you can make fun of my Yank accent…lmao waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂

  13. Fantastic book and creative desk – have you had that T shirt paper out again? Thanks for stopping by, Cindy #54

  14. Beautiful book from Claire and your banner is beautiful! Love your transfers…can’t wait to see them on a shirt. I hate my ipad for blogging, I use to love it, but now everytime I backspace or copy paste the dern thing freezes…makes WOYWW almost impossible to reply to…

  15. OH that gift is really stunning sweetie – what a thoughtful gift!

  16. Wow! That is a stunning book – what a fabulous gift to have received. The blog header looks perfect on my laptop, BTW. I love the Stampotique figures – they ae soo cute. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments about my cushion – and I know just what you mean about mountains of stash! Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @53)

  17. What a super lovely thank you gift. You will have so many hours of fun. Loved seeing your desk, and noticed the copics too. Your desk looks very tidy and ready for lots of creative activity. Thanks for allowing a peek at your workspace.

  18. Happy WOYWW. What a fabulous book – too good to use! Loving your use of transfer paper. Will read more when I have a spare few minutes and give it a go. Ali x #40

  19. what a clever way to use t shirt transfers, love it! I have only used it in my printer, nice! happy WOYWW-Lindsay #92

  20. That’s a stunning book your received from Claire, sure you’ll put it too good use. The Transfer paper is amazingly good, the results on the earlier post are brilliant.

    Brenda 94

  21. Love the header I was on Claire’s blog earlier and thought is was lovely, great job. What an amazing book you have received in return for your work, that spine work outstanding and the workmanship brilliant, lucky you, She is right fill it with inky stuff and stamping, you have to use it and not just look at it and admire it, that would be a waste.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza #8

  22. what a gorgeous gift!
    Happy woyww TFS Mrs.C.xx #28

  23. WOW..what a stunning book…. would love to know how it was put together…. i looove making books… this will be such a fabulous gift for someone special… please think about doing a tutorial about it in the future

    love your blog



  24. Lovely gift and yes you are very lucky! I have also announced to my DBF that 1st June is Crop day so no other plans!
    Have a lovely 2013!

  25. Love the idea of shirt transfers!! And the book, yes I said STUNNING out loud before I read the next sentence where you typed it.
    I am a friend of Sandee. Hope you have time to check out my blog.
    Lori #81 this week.

  26. Well done for your expertise in making the banner.. it really is fab. Love the well deserved book you received too.
    Jo x

  27. Love the book. Going to look at banner next! Blogger and I have not been getting along well lately!
    Glenda #78

  28. There is nothing I like about Blogger on ipad..especially trying to correct spellings before posting comments.. it’s almost impossible and incredibly time wasting and frustrating. And yep, we bloggers call it a dashboard too. Unless they changed that too, and I missed the memo! Clair’s gift is lovely..and clearly in proportion to your help in her would be in mine too..the tehnical stuff makes me rigid..fear, intolerance, need… know! Cor the transfer paper stuff is fab..
    Hope you’re back to nearly 100%.

  29. Happy New Year, Mary Anne! Such a gorgeous handmade book – lucky you – fill it wisely! And messily!

  30. What a wonderful gift!!!! I’d be lost trying to alter my blog and leave that stuff to the pros, lol!!! Loved visiting your desk today!

    Jeannie #60

  31. Great job on the banner and a beautiful gift in return. Like the colouring on your little man. I’m always tempted by Stampotique but haven’t got any…..yet.
    Ann B

  32. Wow you have been busy! And all is looking fab and that book is a stunning gift, lucky you. I hope you win the fight cos it would be lovely to meet you again! Take care Zo xx 43

  33. love the book! I like the banner you made also! Hope everything goes okay at the doctors! Hope you have a great week! Vickie #31

  34. Beautiful gift and I love the Tshirt transfer on the go.

  35. That book looks amazing! I would have to keep it… stroke it… before I dared ink it! Hope to see you again at the Crop! Good luck with the check up. Am off now to check your handiwork on the blog banner…. Helen, 7

  36. What a fabulous book and I have spine envy… I sooo want to be able to do that to a spine!! Loving your creepy wee mannie and hoping the trip to the docs goes well, you are obviously feeling better if you are playing!!

  37. OMG! Your kidding me!!! Using the various inks with Iron on Transfer really works???? THAT I just have to try….erm sometime!!
    The Book is rather stunning. Great Desk
    #29 Silvia WOYWW

  38. you’re so welcome, mary anne, i’m just glad it arrived safely and you like it 🙂
    love the creative fun you’re having trying new techniques!
    Happy WOYWW and have a great week :o)
    no. 10

  39. You sure are a lucky girl. That book is fantabulous! Loving the little man.
    Happy WOYWW
    Tertia #17

  40. A stunning book, indeed! Hate that iPad version of Blogger, too…
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tuire xx

  41. stunning book! and exceptional header 🙂

    (it is about 5 inches high and 9 inches wide on my 24 inch PC monitor, if that helps 🙂 its absolutely lovely 🙂 and I like the size it is 🙂 )

  42. beautiful gift, would love to a tutorial on how to make one.

  43. WOW! what a nice gift.”Lucky” you.

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