WOYWW188 – thanks Claire!

Lucky, lucky me!  Something all out of proportion in the exchange is the first thing on my WOYWW desk.  Claire, of the blog Decide what you want, received a stunning piece of art from a friend.  She mentioned on her blog she would love some help making it into a banner to use a her blog header.  I commented I thought I could help, did, and you can see it there.  Not sure if everyone sees the same as I do, we did go back and forth, Claire and I, with the dimensions, but no matter what it is always just a little too big or a little to small when I view it on my desktop.  It’s perfect on the iPad in the mobile version (and ACK!  I hate that Blogger MAKES you begin with the mobile version when on an iPad and you have to click to see the preferred web-version EVERY TIME) and was made to the specs she took from her control panel (or whatever you Blogger folk call the dashboard) so no idea what else to do. Anyway, we emailed to and fro and she asked if she could send me a “little gift.” Of course I said yes, but when it arrived I was blown away.  A beautiful handmade book.

woyww188d woyww188c

Isn’t it stunning?  And much appreciated but I think I owe Claire about 10 more blog-banners before I feel I haven’t taken advantage.  Now I need to figure out what to fill it with.  As she suggests, a scrappy, sticky, inky mess full of pages, I think.

Otherwise, I am still playing with the t-shirt transfer paper, as you can see.


The piece at the bottom left you can read about in yesterday’s post.  And the little Stampotique man? More on that tomorrow, and a couple more samples.  Here he is a little bit closer:


Can you guess how he was achieved? The clue is on the desk! Frankly, I’m stunned it worked myself.

Off to the Dr. for a follow-up but I’ll be back to desk-hop later.  Can’t wait to get in to the WOYWW swing and super excited Julia has announced the next meet-up – although it is quite a ways away in the calendar,  hope adding it will let DH know that weekend is HANDS OFF for chili comps, geeky conferences (and I suspect it will coincide with WWDC so we may have to take a leaf from Harry Hill’s book and … FIGHT! LOL!) or any other silly thing he thinks of as it will never be as important as a WOYWW meet.

So have a great and inspiring crafty day.